Today we are to showcase you a phenomenal progressive release that we are proud and honored to have brought together for you. For those of yopu being around the progressive scene during time, well recognize all of the artists involved in this release, since they all are some of the leading names in the business.

With this original idea brought to us quite a while ago, we from the very start saw the potential in this beauty and we have worked really hard to get this one together.

With that said, we are overwhelmed to be able to bring you one of the most haunted producers out there, Dutch producer Roald Velden. "Time Flies By" as this production is baptized to, is a stunning piece of melodic progressive music, including rich melodies, great sidechained elelements to give it the pumping feel, and also magnificent pads that works through the track. It's just one of those tracks really that won't leave you untouched.

On remix duty you will face a brutal line-up, flying off with the very friendly Russian producer Dave Shtorn. We are thrilled to have him on PHW, not only because if his quality bit we also need to have in mind that he is running 3 labels on his own, and his focus isn't on being on remixes. During the past 2 years he's only made 2, and that says a bit about what he thought when we showed him this track. Here he has put together e very emotional production, filled with laid back elements and crsip melodies in a blend mix, we are so hooked on this one.

Second out on remix work, we welcome the rare talents of our good mate, Taylor Raburn, more known as Sedi. With huge sucess during the past months, we are thrilled to have the man of the moment with us, and he once again delivers a wonderful production, This one has definitely something extra, in the way of being boosted with energetic elements, that has made Roalds Veldens laid back original ideas a totally new twist. Expect great bass riffs, driving melodies, vocal chops and an all over tremendous remake, it's a ticking bomb ready for your crowds.

French bound James Woods is next up, and as always you will be fully covered with great and crisp sound design here, filled with superb structures and skilled textures. It is another big productioon from him, including all the needed elements to build a progressive hit, it's a great one!

Last out on remix duty is a welcome retur to us from one of Roalds best mates, Talamanca. This guy is a genius when it comes to bring great structures in music, and he here show you what it is all about. Using the riginal melodies from Roald, he still has given the track a bit more groovy feel and we once again fell in love with a Talamanca production.

Thanks for the delivery guys, you have all on your own done a tremendous effort here and this is definitely something we on the label are overwhemed to bring to daylight, thanks guys!

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Digital Media 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Time Flies By
2 Time Flies By (Dave Shtorn remix)
3 Time Flies By (Talamanca remix)
4 Time Flies By (James Woods remix)
5 Time Flies By (Sedi remix)


Digital Media 1

Sedi (Electronic music producer) (track 5)
Talamanca (Electronic music producer) (track 3)
James Woods (Raphaël Beuhorry, French Progressive House Artist) (track 4)