CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Light Cavalry, Overture
Franz von Suppé 6:45
2 Beautiful Galathéé, Overture
Franz von Suppé 7:49
3 Banditenstreiche, Overture
Franz von Suppé 6:32
4 Poet and Peasant, Overture
Franz von Suppé 9:40
5 William Tell, Overture
Gioachino Rossini 12:02


CD 1

Franz von Suppé (tracks 1, 3)
Franz von Suppé (1865) (track 2)
Franz von Suppé (1867) (track 3)
Alfred Scholz (tracks 1–5)
New Philharmonic Orchestra London (bogus name used on budget releases, not the London Philharmonic or the New Philharmonia) (tracks 1–5)
Light Cavalry Overture (for brass band, Langford) (track 1)
Poet and Peasant: Overture (for organ, Evans) (track 3)
The Beautiful Galathea (arr. Langford, for brass band) (track 2)
is the basis for:
Long-Haired Hare (1949 Warner Bros. Looney Tunes theatrical cartoon short) (track 2)
part of:
Banditenstreiche (track 3)
Dichter und Bauer (track 3)
Leichte Kavallerie (track 1)
recording of: