It's time to welcome back 2 of our most frequent producers on the PHW label to the release schedule. This time they have teamed up in collaboration and the 2 great producer we are talking about is Dutch supremos, Roald Velden and Talamanca.

Both of them gained a deserved spot each on Above and Beyond - Group Therapy in the past 2 months, and we are of course thrilled to have them back.

This time they hit us with a laidback melodic progressive monster tune, so soothing, so relaxing and all around a lovely production, with their trademark melodic work just around the corner here.

On remix duty we have one new name on the PHW roaster, and also 2 of the favorite boys back to give it their touch and interpretation. First out we are happy to present you the Russian sensation Glittering Puzzle, that decided to join forces with us. We have followed him for long period and when we finally got a spot on his really tight schedule, well there wasn't anything really to deal with, we took the chance of course.

Next up is a welcome return in the house from one of the PHW crew members, Danish ace Jonas Rosbech aka Jocey. For those who have followed us here, knows all about his ability when it comes to sound design, and he for sure gives this skilled original a new direction. With a more uptempo beat, he definitely gives the original idea another take. With superb work on the pads, together with the main melody and soothing elements, this is just wonderful stuff that we would release, any day of the week, lovely stuff Jonas!

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Digital Media 1
# Title Rating Length
1 For the Matter
2 For the Matter (Aquastic remix)
3 For the Matter (Jocey remix)