CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Moscow Street Alarm
DJ Antoine 2:19
2 Boom Boom Room (DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark edit)
Mixmaster pres. Marc Vane feat. Bear Who 4:18
3 Watch Me Playing With Myself (main mix)
DJ Antoine vs. Player & Remady 2:35
4 It's Too Late (Ride On) (original remix)
Evermore vs. Dirty South 2:38
5 Good Evening Moscow (original mix)
DJ Antoine 4:03
6 This Time (DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark remix)
DJ Antoine 5:31
7 Teardrops (extended mix)
Whelan & Di Scala 3:42
8 Podnimi Ruki Za Moskvu (Put Your Hands Up for Moscow) (NK remix)
Funky Junction feat. Strawberry Jam 4:03
9 Not Enough (DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark vocal club mix)
Roger Sanchez 4:03
10 This Picture (main mix)
DJ Antoine vs. Player & Remady 2:42
11 100 Friends (original mix)
DJ Lutique 4:30
12 Free (Ben Macklin remix)
Mike Polo 3:10
13 Fuck Me on the Dancefloor (original mix)
DJ Antoine vs. Doc Phatt 3:17
14 Changes (Dirty South remix)
Chris Lake 4:03
15 Work (main mix)
DJ Antoine vs. Player & Remady 2:13
16 Find Me in the Club (original mix)
DJ Antoine 3:43
17 This Time (original extended mix)
DJ Antoine feat. Christa Rigozzi 4:51
18 Forever (extended mix)
DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark 2:45
19 Stand Up (Chriss Ortega & Thomas Gold remix)
DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark 3:56
20 Seven Days and One Week (extended mix)
Wally Lopez 4:55
21 Ocean of Sadness (original mix)
La.Mia.Bocca 2:28
22 Brr, Brr (IMS Moskau Druf)
DJ Antoine feat. Kaydee 1:07