After sellout of their first CD "Valso por Amikoj", this eternal duet from Kazakstan treats us with a new CD revealing an unquestionable evolution towards new sound horizons.
The 12 new songs have all been written by Mikaelo Bronŝtejn, for the least prolific Russian Esperanto poet to whom we already owe several albums featured in our catalogue.
The melodies composed by Ĵomart and the magic illumination of his voice by that of his beloved Nataŝa go straight to the heart and guarantee a real pleasure right on first audition.

The songs of this album have been presented at RET (Russia), the 3rd Asian Congress in South Korea, The World Congress of Esperanto, IJK (The International Youth Congress) in Sweden, and for IS and IF in Germany where their shows and Cd received an excellent public appraise.

ĴomArt kaj Nataŝa is :
ĴomArt : Arrangements, instruments, guitar, singing.
Nataŝa : Singing, Recorder
Studio (Recordings, mixing and mastering) : ĴomArt's Studio (Stockholm) Sound engineer : ĴomArt Mastering : Orvox studio (Stockholm)
Graphics of the booklet : Nataŝa

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Bonan vesperon ?:??
2 Reva vojaĝo ?:??
3 Ĝis ?:??
4 Amata ?:??
5 Pasis senzorga viv’ ?:??
6 Moskvo ?:??
7 Kiam mi revenos ?:??
8 Min vokas iamo ?:??
9 Romanso ?:??
10 Stulta Am' ?:??
11 En nekutime krispa mond’ ?:??
12 Amu min ?:??