Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Oland
Earth Girls 1:17
A2 Dumbhead
Primetime 3:06
A3 Reactor
Nots ?:??
A4 Optic Nervous System
Daskinsey4 2:59
A5 Incoming Liberation
Quaaludes 1:22
A6 Belgrade
The Splits 3:43
A7 Safety Instructions
FRAU 1:32
A8 Fight Flight
UV‐TV 2:18
A9 Vise Grip
B.D. 3:51
B1 Get Going
Shopping ?:??
B2 The Beauty of Absenteeism
Kenny Kenny Oh Oh 1:47
B3 Trouble
Charm Bags 3:09
B4 Rude Girls Gone to Jail
The Meow Meows 3:15
B5 Paralyzed
Street Eaters 2:21
B6 Razorblade the Tape
Slum of Legs 4:26
B7 Caverna
Rakta 5:59