CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Guide Me God (Paul van Dyk remix)
Ghostland feat. Sinéad O’Connor 7:19
2 Age of Love (Paul van Dyk remix)
Age of Love 8:32
3 Synaesthesia (Fly Away) (Paul van Dyk dub)
The Thrillseekers feat. Sheryl Deane 10:13
4 Never F**k (Paul van Dyk’s Late Night mix)
Romanthony's Nightvision 8:14
5 10in01 (Paul van Dyk club mix)
Members of Mayday 4:07
6 Oohhh Baby (Paul van Dyk remix)
Veda Simpson 5:48
7 Cream (Paul van Dyk long mix)
Blank & Jones 6:43
8 1998 (Paul van Dyk remix)
Binary Finary 7:07
9 Innocence (Paul van Dyk remix)
Joker Jam 8:22
10 Voices in Harmony (Paul van Dyk’s Csilla in Wonderland remix)
Joe T. Vannelli feat. Csilla 7:14


CD 1

Piet Blank (track 7)
Giuseppe Chierchia (track 2)
Steve Helstrip (track 3)
Klaus Jankuhn (track 5)
Jaspa Jones (track 7)
Andy Kaufhold (track 7)
Matt Laws (track 8)
Stuart Matheson (track 8)
Paul Newton (EDM DJ/producer from Liverpool) (track 3)
Bruno Sanchioni (Italo-Belgian producer) (track 2)
Daniel Sherman (Daniel Thomas Nestor Sherman, member of the trio Neve) (track 3)
WestBam (track 5)
Giuseppe Chierchia (track 2)
Klaus Jankuhn (track 5)
WestBam (track 5)
Csilla (track 10)
Paul van Dyk (German DJ, record producer and musician) (tracks 1–3, 5–9)
recording of:
10 in 01 (track 5)
1998 (track 8)
Cream (track 7)
The Age of Love (track 2)

Release Group

part of:Perfect Remixes (Remix compilations released by Warlock (USA) or Topaz (UK)) (number: 2)