CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Saddan Ai Thar (Enchanting Lake of the Elephant) 4:13
2 Ma Bay Dar (Young Miss Waterlily) 7:39
3 Shwe Ka Nyar (Beautiful Girl of Golden Complexion) 3:43
4 Hlyat Pan Khway Nwe (Powerful King of Thunder and Lightning) 8:42
5 Shwe Maung Than, Aung Bar Zay (The Voice of the Golden Gongs, Wishing for Success) 3:00
6 Oat Aw Than Aye (The Little Bird of Spring) 8:40
7 Tay Htat Kwet Sun (New View of Old Song) 5:32
8 Ah Pay, Ah You (Give and take) 4:56
9 Pat Waing Let Swan Pya (Improvisation on the Pat Waing) 7:57
10 Sein Chew Kyar Nyaung (Sadly Waiting for the King) 6:39