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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Blowin’ in the Wind 4.5 2:49
A2 Girl From the North Country 4.85 3:23
A3 Masters of War 4.15 4:34
A4 Down the Highway 3.25 3:27
A5 Bob Dylan’s Blues 3.55 2:23
A6 A Hard Rain’s A‐Gonna Fall 4.3 6:55
B1 Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right 4.2 3:40
B2 Bob Dylan’s Dream 3.6 5:03
B3 Oxford Town 3.4 1:50
B4 Talkin’ World War III Blues 3.15 6:28
B5 Corrina, Corrina 3.85 2:44
B6 Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance 3.75 2:01
B7 I Shall Be Free 3.6 4:49


12" Vinyl 1

acoustic guitar:
Bob Dylan (tracks A1–A6, B2–B4, B6–B7)
drums (drum set):
Herb Lovelle (tracks B1, B5)
bass guitar:
George Barnes (track B1)
Howie Collins (Guitarist) (track B5)
Bruce Langhorne (tracks B1, B5)
Bob Dylan (tracks A1–A6, B2–B4, B6–B7)
Leonard Gaskin (track B5)
double bass:
Gene Ramey (track B1)
Dick Wellstood (tracks B1, B5)
additional lyricist:
Henry Thomas (American country blues singer) (track B6)
[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist) (track B6)
Bob Dylan (1962-04) (track B5)
Paul Clayton (1962) (track B1)
Bruce Langhorne (1962) (track B1)
Bob Dylan (1962-04) (tracks B5–B6)
Henry Thomas (American country blues singer) (track B6)
[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist) (1962) (track B1)
Bob Dylan (1962) (tracks A4–A5, B1, B3, B7)
Bob Dylan (1962-04) (track A1)
Bob Dylan (1962-10) (track A6)
Bob Dylan (1963-01) (tracks A2–A3, B2)
Bob Dylan (1963-04) (track B4)
lead vocals:
Bob Dylan (tracks A1–B7)
Robert Johnson (1930s blues legend) (track B5)
Bob Dylan (1962) (tracks A4–A5, B1, B3, B7)
Bob Dylan (1962-04) (tracks A1, B6)
Bob Dylan (1962-10) (track A6)
Bob Dylan (1963-01) (tracks A2–A3, B2)
Bob Dylan (1963-04) (track B4)
John Hammond (producer) (tracks A1–B7)
Henry Thomas (American country blues singer) (track B6)
[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist) (track B5)
phonographic copyright by:
Sony Music Entertainment Inc. (not for release label use! company owned by Sony Corporation of America from 1991–2004; operated worldwide except in JP) (1963) (track A3)
Sony Music Publishing (worldwide except Japan, ended 1995) (track A1)
Special Rider Music (tracks A5, B3–B5)
Warner Bros. Music (publisher; do NOT use as release label) (track B1)
Warner/Chappell (1962 – 1990) (track A1)
Warner/Chappell (1963 – 1991) (tracks A2–A4, A6–B2, B7)
Special Rider Music (1990 –) (track A1)
Special Rider Music (1991 –) (tracks A2–A4, A6–B2, B7)
Blowin' in America by Elocnep (track A1)
Corrina, Corrina (track B5)
cover recording of:
Corrina, Corrina (track B5)
is based on:
later parody versions:
Fartin' in the Wind (track A1)
Pausenbottle (track A1)
later translated versions:
Blowin’ in the Wind (Romani) (track A1)
Corrina Corrina (track B5)
Corrina, Corrina (German version) (track B5)
Denk ned noch (track B1)
Fridenswuchelied (track A1)
Kiedy wieje wiatr (track A1)
La Fille du nord (track A2)
Mach kes Gstürm (track B1)
Oxford Town (french lyrics) (track B3)
Pohjan poika (track A2)
Siglo Yn Y Gwynt (track A1)
風に吹かれて (track A1)
later versions:
New Yorker (track A1)
Rocky Flats Peril (track A3)
recording of:
Bob Dylan’s Blues (track A5)
Bob Dylan’s Dream (track B2)
Down the Highway (track A4)
I Shall Be Free (track B7)
Masters of War (track A3)
Oxford Town (track B3)
referred to in medleys:
version of:
32‒20 Blues (track B5)
Cocaine Blues (T.J. Arnall version) (track B6)
Corrina (traditional song published by the Lomaxes) (track B5)
Nottamun Town (Fair Nottamun Town / Nottamun Fair) (track A3)
Take a Whiff On Me (track B6)


photography:Don Hunstein (photographer)
liner notes:Nat Hentoff
producer:Tom Wilson (producer, worked with Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, Zappa, VU, etc.)
lead vocals:Bob Dylan
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