Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Script for a Jester's Tear 4 8:37
A2 He Knows, You Know 5:05
A3 The Web 9:02
B4 Garden Party 7:12
B5 Chelsea Monday 8:13
B6 Forgotten Sons 8:18


Vinyl 1

drums (drum set) and percussion:
Mick Pointer (1982-12 – 1983-02) (tracks A1, A3–B6)
Steve Rothery (1982-12 – 1983-02) (tracks A1, A3–B6)
Pete Trewavas (1982-12 – 1983-02) (tracks A1, A3–B6)
keyboard, piano and synthesizer:
Mark Kelly (Marillion keyboardist) (1982-12 – 1983-02) (tracks A1, A3–B6)
Brian Jelliman (tracks A2–B4, B6)
Mark Kelly (Marillion keyboardist) (tracks A1–B6)
Diz Minnitt (tracks A2, B4, B6)
Mick Pointer (tracks A1–B6)
Steve Rothery (tracks A1–B6)
Pete Trewavas (tracks A1–B6)
Derek William Dick (tracks A1–B6)
Derek William Dick (tracks A1–B6)
Simon Hanhart (engineer, producer) (tracks A1, A3–B6)
Nick Tauber (tracks A1, A3–B6)
recording engineer:
Simon Hanhart (engineer, producer) (tracks A1, A3–B6)
Fish (Derek William Dick, ex-Marillion frontman) (1982-12 – 1983-02) (tracks A1, A3–B6)
Chappell (company that specialized in library and production music) (track A2)
EMI Music Publishing Germany GmbH (2008-today) (track A2)
Marillion Music (track A2)
mixed at:
Marquee Studios in London, England, United Kingdom (tracks A1, A3–B6)
recorded at:
Marquee Studios in London, England, United Kingdom (1982-12 – 1983-02) (tracks A1, A3–B6)
is based on:
Alice (track B6)
recording of:
He Knows You Know (track A2)
Chelsea Monday (1982-12 – 1983-02) (track B5)
Forgotten Sons (1982-12 – 1983-02) (track B6)
Garden Party (1982-12 – 1983-02) (track B4)
Script for a Jester’s Tear (1982-12 – 1983-02) (track A1)
The Web (1982-12 – 1983-02) (track A3)