CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 American Dreams 4:54
2 The Ultimate Sacrifice 4:54
3 The Strong Prevail 3:04
4 Black Rivers Flow 4:53
5 Casting Forward 3:56
6 Light a City (Up in Smoke) 3:49
7 Through Your Eyes 4:10
8 Beneath the Waves of Hatred 5:05
9 Eternal Vengeance 7:02
10 China Grove 3:23


CD 1

electric bass guitar:
Jeff Paulick (tracks 1–10)
drums (drum set):
Ryan Shutler (tracks 1–10)
electric guitar:
Alex Lackner (tracks 1–10)
Dan Gapen (tracks 1–10)
additional vocals:
Dan Gapen (tracks 1–10)
lead vocals:
Jeff Paulick (tracks 1–10)
Dan Gapen (tracks 1–10)
Jeff Paulick (tracks 1–10)
James Murphy (American guitarist) (tracks 1–10)
Lazarus A.D. (US Thrash/Groove Metal band) (tracks 1–10)
Chris Wisco (tracks 1–10)
recording engineer:
Chris Wisco (tracks 1–10)
Lazarus A.D. (US Thrash/Groove Metal band) (tracks 1–10)
engineered at:
mixed at:
recorded at:
recording of:
American Dreams (track 1)
Black Rivers Flow (track 4)
Casting Forward (track 5)
China Grove (track 10)
Eternal Vengeance (track 9)
The Strong Prevail (track 3)
Through Your Eyes (track 7)


art direction:Clay Cook (Illustrator)
photography:Stephen Jensen (visual artist)
legal representation:Chip Cox
booking:John Finberg
First Row Talent
mastering:James Murphy (American guitarist)
design:Chris Miske
rights society:JASRAC (Japan rights society; do not use this as a label or work publisher!)
distributed by:BounDEE, Inc. (Distributor only. Not a release label!)
copyrighted by and phonographic copyright by:Metal Blade Records Inc. (company, for copyrights purposes) (in 2011)
marketed by:Metal Blade Records Japan, Inc.
mastered at:SafeHouse Production in Orlando, Florida, United States
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