CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 3AM Eternal (Blue Danube Orbital mix)
The KLF 7:40
2 Higher Than the Sun (Battersea Shield mix)
Primal Scream 6:20
3 Staring at the Sun (Blinding mix)
Wendy & Lisa 8:34
4 I Started a Joke (I Started an Orb mix)
Robbie Williams vs. The Orb 4:27
5 Once More (FT Explore Satan mix)
The Orb 4:47
6 Time to Make You Mine (In My Dreams mix)
Lisa Stansfield 9:59
7 Runaway (Leggit dub)
Richard Wright 13:39
8 Art of Love (Youth + Orb mix)
Art of Noise 4:26
9 Jo the Waiter (Bon Apètit mix)
Tubeway Army 9:32
10 Music for a Found Harmonium (Pandaharmoniumorb mix)
Penguin Cafe Orchestra 4:56
CD 2
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Sentinel (Nobel Prize mix)
Mike Oldfield feat. The Orb 14:24
2 Miracle (Orb remix)
System 7 6:10
3 Halleluwa (Halleluwa Orbus II)
CAN 9:09
4 Crystal Clear (Crystal Clear Water Revival mix)
The Grid 7:17
5 Radio Babylon (Beach Blanket Bimboland mix)
Meat Beat Manifesto 12:38
6 Towards the Evening Star (Madarin Cream mix)
Tangerine Dream 8:24
7 Angel Art (The Tale of the Orb mix)
Witchman 6:17
8 Sunset Gun (Full Monty Sunny Orb Up mix)
The Damage Manual 5:05
9 Morocco Mole
清水靖晃 6:47
10 The Reefer Song (Grass Garden of Child's mix)
Mindless Drug Hoover 3:04


CD 1

bass guitar:
Simon Phillips (UK producer (The Orb)) (track 5)
Jimmy Cauty (track 1)
Bill Drummond (track 1)
Thomas Fehlmann (track 5)
Andy Hughes (member of The Orb) (track 5)
Aki Omori (track 5)
Dr Alex Paterson (musician and co-founder of The Orb) (track 5)
Aki Omori (track 5)
Dr Alex Paterson (musician and co-founder of The Orb) (track 5)
The Orb (track 5)
James Guthrie (track 7)
The Orb (tracks 1–4, 6–10)
Youth (producer/bassist Martin Glover) (track 8)
Aki Omori (track 5)
Ian Devaney (track 6)
Barry Gibb (track 4)
Maurice Gibb (track 4)
Robin Gibb (track 4)
Andy Morris (former member of Blue Zone (UK), worked with Lisa Stansfield) (track 6)
Lisa Stansfield (track 6)
cover recording of:
I Started a Joke (track 4)
later translated versions:
recording of:
3 A.M. Eternal (Original Edit) (track 1)
Once More (track 5)

CD 2

Edgar Froese (track 6)
Jerome Froese (track 6)
Mike Oldfield (track 1)
The Orb (track 1)
Trevor Horn (track 1)
Tom Newman (producer, guitarist) (track 1)
Mike Oldfield (track 1)
The Orb (tracks 1, 6)
Ian Astbury (track 7)
recording of:
Sentinel (track 1)