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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Exercise One 3:08
A2 Ice Age 2:27
A3 The Sound of Music 3:57
A4 Glass 3:59
A5 The Only Mistake 4:18
B1 Walked in Line 4 2:48
B2 The Kill 5 2:17
B3 Something Must Break 5 2:50
B4 Dead Souls 5 4:56
B5 Sister Ray (live) 7:36
12" Vinyl 2
# Title Rating Length
C1 Ceremony 3:50
C2 Shadowplay 3:54
C3 Means to an End 4:01
C4 Passover 5:05
C5 New Dawn Fades 4:01
C6 Twenty Four Hours 4:00
D1 Transmission 3:33
D2 Disorder 3:20
D3 Isolation 3:05
D4 Decades 5:22
D5 Digital 3:53


12" Vinyl 1

Joy Division (track B5)
Ian Curtis (tracks A1, A3–A5, B2–B4)
Lou Reed (track B5)
John Cale (Velvet Underground founder) (track B5)
Peter Hook (tracks A1, A3–A5, B2–B4)
Stephen Morris (New Order) (tracks A1, A3–A5, B2–B4)
Sterling Morrison (track B5)
Bernard Sumner (tracks A1, A3–A5, B2–B4)
Moe Tucker (track B5)
Chris Nagle (tracks A1, A3–B4)
Ian Curtis (tracks A1, A3–A5, B2–B4)
Lou Reed (track B5)
Martin Hannett (tracks A1, A3–B4)
Ian Curtis (tracks A2, B1)
Peter Hook (tracks A2, B1)
Stephen Morris (New Order) (tracks A2, B1)
Bernard Sumner (tracks A2, B1)
Fractured Music (publisher) (track B4)
Zomba Music Publishers Ltd. (UK subsidiary of Zomba Music Publishing) (track B4)
recorded at:
live cover recording of:
Sister Ray (1980-04-03) (track B5)
recording of:
Dead Souls (track B4)
Exercise One (track A1)
Glass (track A4)
Ice Age (track A2)
Sound of Music (track A3)
The Kill (track B2)
The Only Mistake (track A5)
Walked in Line (track B1)

12" Vinyl 2

additional lyricist:
Peter Hook (track C1)
Bernard Sumner (track C1)
Ian Curtis (tracks C1–C2, C5, D1, D1–D2, D5)
Peter Hook (tracks C1–C2, C5, D1, D1–D2, D5)
Stephen Morris (New Order) (tracks C1–C2, C5, D1, D1–D2, D5)
Bernard Sumner (tracks C1–C2, C5, D1, D1–D2, D5)
Ian Curtis (tracks C1–C2, C5, D1, D1–D2, D5)
Ian Curtis (tracks C3–C4, C6, D3–D4)
Peter Hook (tracks C3–C4, C6, D3–D4)
Stephen Morris (New Order) (tracks C3–C4, C6, D3–D4)
Bernard Sumner (tracks C3–C4, C6, D3–D4)
Fractured Music (publisher) (track C5)
Zomba Music (track C5)
later translated versions:
Isolation (Tobias Bamborschke translation) (track D3)
live recording of:
A Means to an End (track C3)
Ceremony (track C1)
Decades (track D4)
Digital (track D5)
Disorder (track D2)
New Dawn Fades (track C5)
Passover (track C4)
Shadowplay (track C2)
Transmission (track D1)
Twenty Four Hours (track C6)
recording of:
Isolation (track D3)
Transmission (track D1)