~ Release by John Oswald (see all versions of this release, 1 available)


Distributed by Disc Union. Disc Union release number R-340188.


  • Disk Union (distributor) is also credited for executive production.
  • Kazunori Sugiyama is credited with associate production.
  • Phil Strong is credited as associate engineer and electroquote tempo coordinator.
  • Lisa Wells is credited for liner typsetting.
  • Tomoyo T.L. (Karath=Razar) is credited for package design.
  • Rob Bowman and Sid Plested are credited for facilitation of access.
  • Michael Snow, James Tenney, Marvin Green, and Andy Dowman all receive "referential" acknowlegements.

With no published list of the tracks sampled, and between 2000 and 4000 tracks being sampled in this work, no amount of "contains samples from" Advanced Relationships could ever hope to be complete for this release. Samples are utilized at the rate of 5 or more per second, with many appearing multiple times.

Suffice to say, however, if you look at any big-name American or Canadian top 100 list from 1980 through 1990, chances are pretty good that every track from the list is represented... somewhere... in this composition. John Oswald's intent for this work was that the listener always remain just on the edge of recognition.

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CD 1
1Open: Suck / Rip (Bo No Ma)1:28
2Urge: Slow / Slice / Blink (Marianne Faith No Morissey)1:47
3Manifold: Philosophy / Phase (Bing Stingspreen)1:38
4Blur: Moment / Wow / Nest (Bolton Chili Overdire)1:49
5Zoom: Alone / Gogh (Sinéad O'Connick Jr.)1:20
6Cypher (Depeche Mould)1:44
7Compact: Phase 2 / Snap (R.E.M.T.V. Hammercamp)1:40
8Worse (Anthrax Squeeze Factory)1:17
9Mad Mod (Jello Bellafonte)1:28
10Temperature: Tempus Amoré (Hyper Love Time) / Tempo Pact (Beastie Shop Beach)1:47
11Massive: Hazzard / Warning / Tremulous (Ozzie Osmond)2:15
12Velocity: Tremendous / Tremulous (Aretha Vanilli)1:12



graphic design, engineer, producer, editor and mastering:John Oswald
executive producer:John Zorn
remixer:John Oswald
arranger:John Oswald
ASIN:US: B000026XGE [info]