Golden Sun: A World Reignited

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Golden Sun: A World Reignited
Comments from album director Logan Thomas (TSori) and ReMixers
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Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age, two halves of a single story, took gamers on a wondrous journey through the rich and varied world of Weyard. Golden Sun saw you charged with the noble quest of stopping those who would release the destructive powers of alchemy upon the world, while The Lost Age turned the tables as players found themselves in control of the first game's antagonists, desperate to restore this ancient magic. This story of discovery, exotic locales, forgotten histories, hidden motivations, heroism, and desperation was nowhere more beautifully embodied than in motion Sakuraba's incredible soundtrack.

We invite you to once again return to the world of Golden Sun with Golden Sun: A World Reignited, the 74th free community arrangement album from OverClocked ReMix. Take a new journey from the slopes of Mount Aleph to the shores of the Karagol Sea, from the depths of Madra Catacombs to the tops of the monolithic elemental lighthouses. Featuring 37 tracks and 42 artists in a wide variety of genres, this is the return of Golden Sun, as you have never heard it before!

As we were trying to paint a revitalized picture of Weyard through music, I also hoped our album cover would do the same visually. From the beginning, I imagined the cover as landscape containing one of the lighthouses that would give us a view of it that we never got in the games, something that would show the magnificence of these ancient structures. With that in mind, I started hunting for fan art that had a similar style. I happened upon a YouTube video with a really cool rendition of the elemental sanctum. It wasn't exactly what I imagined, but it was a gorgeous piece of artwork. Thankfully the YouTuber credited the artist, and soon I found myself on Orioto's DeviantArt page, which was just full of stunning and fantastical landscapes, many of them from video games! I messaged him and was ecstatic to find out that not only was he interested and a Golden Sun fan, he was also a fan of OCR as well. Perfect!

I shared my ideas with him, and then gave him free reign to create what he thought would work best. The resulting cover art featuring all four lighthouses in near-perfectly game-accurate landscapes absolutely blew me away. He surpassed my wildest hopes and gave the album a one of a kind piece of art. As a bonus, he also offered the elemental sanctum piece which originally caught my attention as the back cover.

As the artwork came together, we were still lacking title graphics. Fortunately for us, djpretzel jumped in and put something together! It matched the style of the game logos themselves, and with the addition of some well-placed embers, really drove the idea of A World Reignited home.

I had the privilege of making my debut as ReMixer on the Arcadia Legends album in December 2018. I was so excited when the album was released that I immediately started thinking about what I could do next. I bounced around the forums for a couple weeks looking for someone who might need a trumpet player, but didn't really find anything. So, I decided I would try to pull together a new ReMix on my own, and what better place to start than my favorite game, Golden Sun. As I was beginning to mull over ideas for the many MANY tracks I thought should be ReMixed, there was a conversation in the Discord chat suggesting a Golden Sun album. A few of us responded that we'd love to see it, but there was also some skepticism that there'd be enough interest to make it happen. I ended up spending some time looking at old posts on the request forums, and what I realized was that if I wanted to see it happen, I was going to have to be the one to lead it!

So It began. I spent three hours on the phone with my brother (also a big GS fan) picking a tracklist for the album. I went through every post anyone had ever made about Golden Sun on OCR. Specifically, I looked at both of the previous attempts at a Golden Sun project. I wanted to understand what their approaches had been. What had they done right? What did I think needed to be done differently? Once I had come up with a management plan that I believed would help avoid the pitfalls of the past and complete an album inside of a year, I posted the project thread in the forum, and started recruiting!

This is where I stop being the main character in this story. Over the following months, our album became a collaborative effort of 43 different artists. There are 14 collaboration tracks. Five of them have at least four people involved and fifteen of the ReMixers have more than one track on the album. We also want to give a special shout out to MindWanderer who evaluated and provided feedback on every single track, as well as Bubble Pipe Media, who saved the day at the 11th hour by signing on as our mastering engineer. Siolfor the Jackal deserves a special mention as well for putting in a tremendous amount of effort behind the scenes. Every single person involved went above and beyond what was expected. The quality of this album and the rapidity with which it has been completed is a direct result of the talent and unyielding dedication of everyone involved.

We are proud to present Golden Sun: A World Reignited, and we hope you enjoy every minute of it.

- Logan Thomas (TSori)

TSori: A World Reignited was always intended to be a sort of sonic journey through Weyard. We allowed any genre in the hopes that the variation in style would really highlight the idea of passing between regions and cultures. In general, tracks appear in an order very similar to that of the games, with a few moved around to better fit the "journey"-like approach.

Disc 1: Valiant Pursuits

"Valiant Pursuits" opens the album with a collection of broad orchestral ReMixes that serve to set the stage for the story ahead. As we move out of exposition, the scale of the music is reduced to more ensemble-like remixes that establish our characters' moods and highlight some of the areas they pass through. We get our first introduction to battle here as well. The first leg of the journey reaches a climax as we move into the first of the four lighthouses and to the pivotal battle at its aerie. After the battle, the journey resumes with a renewed sense of positivity. The disc title refers to the noble goals of both the protagonists and antagonists as well as the origin of the quest in the village of Vale.

1-01. Sam Dillard - "Golden Sunrise"
Source: Golden Sun - "The First Book"

TSori: This claim was something of a surprise as I had requested Sam remix "The Elemental Stars." He originally planned to incorporate this tune into that arrangement, which would have been great, but I am so happy that this track took on a life of its own. The first time I heard it, I knew it was going to be the first track of the album.

Golden Sun has a devoted fanbase that never stops asking for a new game in the series. We named this album "A World Reignited" with the hope that the album would give fans an opportunity to return to the world of Golden Sun and pump new life into a dormant franchise. Sam's arrangement is the perfect anthem for that.

The patient opening and slowed down version of the melody evokes this sense of a new dawn over a wide world, with softer strings adding some nostalgia before the ReMix builds. When you hit 1:34, if you're a Golden Sun fan, your eyes well up. The ReMix goes through all of the beats of the original with a sense of grandeur and scale far beyond what the Game Boy Advance's little speaker could ever have provided.

It's majestic, powerful, tender, and reverent all at once. It jumps up and says, "Golden Sun is alive and well. Welcome back."

Sam Dillard: The idea was to imagine it like the opening prologue to a film, with a glowing quality like the light of sunrise sweeping across the horizon and shining light on the world that the story is about to unfold in. The source has a very classical adventure RPG vibe, so I went all-in on that, with a few touches to add some more drama.

1-02. Ganaé - "D-Lay On"
Source: Golden Sun - "An Adept's Home"

Ganaé: At the beginning, I had no ideas how I have to deal with this track. I decided to began this like always: true feelings and great harmony. Finally, I tried to produce some orchestral OST John Williams-like track. I hope you'll like it. After that, I chose to play Vale's theme one more time with my piano and, with only one shot, I succeeded in playing it entirely. I surprised myself, then I decided to share it.

1-03. Sam Dillard - "Within the Stars"
Source: Golden Sun - "The Elemental Stars"

TSori: Sam Dillard's arrangements have a sense of scale and majesty that is nothing short of awe-inspiring. When the album got started, he was the first person I tried to recruit. When he wrote back and asked for my opinion on which track he should do, it was a no-brainer. "The Elemental Stars" is the most iconic track on the OST, the track that sets the stage for the epic quest to follow. What surprised me though, was when Sam told me he was going to do a combo track of both "Elemental Stars" and "The First Book" (the title theme of the series). What surprised me MORE was when he wrote back a couple months later with separate finished remixes for each! It was kind of like winning the album director lottery.

His rendition of "The Elemental Stars" is everything a fan of the game could ever hope for. This track is our "Corridors of Time" and Sam certainly gives it the treatment it deserves. His arrangement blends a sense of mystery with reverence and scale that truly makes you feel like you could be standing in the seat of all magical power in the world.

Sam Dillard: I really like the original music, so I wanted to amplify the mystical feeling of the piece; that this is something fundamental and important and essentially the main driving aspect of the story, so it has to have a sense of reverence.

1-04. Bluelighter feat. Chris | Amaterasu, JohnStacy - "Hand of the Fire Clan"
Sources: Golden Sun - "Saturos and Menardi," "Battle! (Saturos and Menardi)"

Bluelighter: arrangement
JohnStacy: trombone, French horn
Chris | Amaterasu: violin, viola

TSori: Bluelighter piqued my interest with this one when I asked him what genre he was planning on using and he said, "Sinister orchestral." I think he delivered on that plan quite well. His arrangement captures the intimidating nature of Saturos and Menardi while also giving off a sense of refinement or nobility that also works very well with the characters. This is one of only a couple ReMixes on the album that incorporates more than one source tune, and this one gets a great deal of use out of both Saturos's and Menardi's character theme as well as their battle theme. While Bluelighter did a great job here with the VSTs, his decision to include JohnStacy and Chris | Amaterasu on live performances really helps to give this ReMix more life. I really enjoy all the changes this one goes through and the chromatic percussion ending turned out to be a really nice touch that helped it blend with the other tracks on the album.

Bluelighter: Here is my first contribution for the album project. When TSori contacted me, I didn't know this OST. Discovering this one, I've noticed "Saturos and Menardi's Theme," sinister music with which I could do something interesting. I wanted to make an orchestra piece, different of my usual march band: sinister, disturbing, with a strong inspiration of movie soundtrack. Although this arrangement is principally based on "Saturos's Theme," it sounds like a boss theme. By the way, I've also taken some element of "Saturos Battle."

Movie soundtracks are my main inspiration on this track. I'm notably thinking about some actions scene with marking and aggressive rhythm.

Some instrument players have collaborated with me:
- Chris | Amaterasu: violin and viola
- JohnStacy: trombone and French horn

I'm really grateful for that! Their combined work gives to my orchestra piece its supplementary dimension. :)

I thank the director TSori for their invitation on this project. It was interesting and instructive to work on this track. :)



"Saturos and Menardi"
0'00: Melodic Line 1
0'23: ML2

"Battle! Saturos and Menardi"
0'00: ML3
0'26: Transition 1 (TR1)
0'30: ML4
0'43: TR2
0'45: ML5 unused
0'52: ML3 (repeated)
1'05: ML6 unused
1'17: ML7 unused



Pt1: Intro
ML1: long notes on tremolo, violin solo plays the melody

Pt2: 0'46
Rhythm marking first appearance of the theme
A: ML1 6/8
B: ML2 in French horn 5/8
C: ML2 in violin 5/8

Pt3: 1'28
A: ML4: Fm in 11/8
B: ML4: Gm with rhythm variations
C: TR2: sinister harmonies and aggressive rhythm

Pt4: 1'59
ML1 by French horn

Pt5: 2'20
ML3: Heroic, the boss theme
A: By violin
B: By French horn
C: 2'49: TR1

Pt6: 3'00: Heroic
B-flat m
A: Some brass harmonies
Some elements of TR1
B: ML2 by trombone solo
Some elements of TR1

Pt7: 3'51
ML4: Really soft compared to the rest of the piece. Like if the boss was defeated. :d

1-05. Reuben6 feat. Gamer of the Winds - "Starting a New Chapter"
Source: Golden Sun - "Page One"

Reuben6: arrangement, drums, guitar, banjo, accordion, bass
Gamer of the Winds: flute, piccolo

1-06. TSori feat. GuitarSVD - "Angarian Vigil"
Source: Golden Sun - "Hopelessness"

TSori: arrangement, flugelhorn
GuitarSVD: classical guitar, mixing

TSori: My first remix, on the Arcadia Legends album, was initially planned to be a very minimalist trumpet and Spanish guitar duet. I ended up going a very different way with that one, but I held onto the idea of doing a remix in that style. When I started trying to decide what to claim for this album, I had just bought a flugelhorn and I was eager to have a chance to use it. I was looking around at different flugelhorn performances and I heard one that paired the instrument with an arpeggio-heavy classical guitar part. I loved the way the two instruments sounded together and the feel that a 3/4 time signature gave that piece. Almost instantly, I could hear the melody of "Hopelessness" in that style. I kept the original keys, but changed from 4/4 to 3/4. To give it a more Spanish feel, I modified the original chord progression to match the Andalusian cadence, a common progression used in flamenco music.

Source breakdown ("Angarian Vigil" - "Hopelessness"):

0:00-0:10 - original composition
0:11-0:35 - 0:00-0:22
0:36-1:00 - 0:23-0:40 (there's a mid-melody octave change here not present in the original)
1:01-1:25 - 1:06-1:26 (source melody here is blended with the guitar ostinato)
1:26-2:13 - 0:23-0:40 (with some additional ornamentation/melodic tweaks)
2:14-2:38 - 0:46-1:05
2:39-2:49 - original composition
2:50-3:37 - 0:00-0:22 and 0:23-0:40 (this is a blend of both melodies - I literally pulled bits and pieces out of both and filled in the gaps)
3:37-end - original composition

As I thought about what story I could tell with a piece like this, I imagined the struggle of Felix, who I always considered to be the true hero of Golden Sun. In the events immediately following the exposition of the game, he has been mislabeled as a traitor by his friends and family. The title "Angarian Vigil" and the ReMix itself are meant to tell the story of a sleepless night early in Felix's journey as he looks out over the region of Angara and comes to terms with the decisions he has made, the hardships they will bring, and, ultimately, the determination to do the right thing and push forward.

I had a great time getting to know the ins and outs of my shiny new flugelhorn with this ReMix. I was also very fortunate to find an excellent classical guitar player, in Cecil, who not only gave an outstanding performance, but also did an equally fantastic job with mixing and producing this track. He was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to doing so again.

1-07. Lucas Guimaraes feat. GuitarSVD, Gamer of the Winds, tibone, StormSkuggan - "Isaac's Only Shot"
Source: Golden Sun - "Battle! (Isaac)"

Lucas Guimareas - arrangement
GuitarSVD - classical guitar
Gamer of the Winds - flute
tibone - electric guitar, bass
StormSkuggan - synths, mixing

TSori: Would you believe that Isaac's battle theme was almost the last claimed track and barely made it on the album at all?

Yeah, neither did anyone else. As the random encounter battle theme through all of the first game, we all expected someone to jump on it right away, but it went unclaimed for months. It was eventually claimed at the 11th hour, but the guy who picked it up had to drop out due to real-life commitments. Enter Lucas Guimareas. Let’s give this man a round of applause. While still finishing his "Venus Lighthouse" ReMix AND in the last couple months of grad school, he made it his mission to make sure Isaac's battle theme and "Mercury Lighthouse" made it on to the album and claimed them both just a few weeks before the deadline. Fortunately, we have a lot of great people on this album, several of whom pitched in to help him out, but without Lucas those two tracks never would have been on this album.

So, what Lucas gave us here is an arrangement that's very true to the feel of the original while still being something very fresh and new. You really can't ask for more than that for a track that anyone who has played the game has heard literally hundreds of times. It also has Lucas's characteristic inclusion of seemingly out-of-genre instruments. Bolstered by solid performances all the way around, this ReMix is a great way to introduce some intensity to the album while still maintaining the bright and positive feel of the start of an adventure.

Lucas Guimaraes: Initially, I wasn't on this track, and late into the album I ended up collaborating with someone else on the arrangement. They had no idea what it should be. I had no idea. I've never come in this blank for an idea. I knew that the deadline was approaching, so I needed to come up with something that stuck. What was my answer? "Isaac's battle theme but... hard rock? With some other rock influences around? Yeah, that works."

The result? A chaotic track filled to the brim with energy all over the place. Acoustic Spaghetti Western guitars, an '80s synth, hard rock guitars, and a flute like Jethro Tull. Name-wise, I had the inspiration because I took this song and made it really sound like Isaac is on the edge of a turning point in battle.

tibone (electric guitar + bass) and GuitarSVD (acoustic) did a fantastic job filling in all the guitar and bass parts. Gamer of the Winds nailed those flute arpeggios. StormSkuggan? The patient of a saint as we tirelessly worked on numerous revisions.

1-08. RebeccaETripp feat. Gamer of the Winds - "Echoes in the Gloomy Caves"
Source: Golden Sun - "Mysterious Caves"

RebeccaETripp - arrangement, samples, mixing
Gamer of the Winds - flute

RebeccaETripp: I've always loved cave tracks. In any game! This was one of the first few songs in Golden Sun to captivate me as a child. I used to stop and pause in levels so that I could hear it. I decided to make a more folk-ish, "organic"-sounding cover for this track, as I feel this style lends well to the mysticism and sense of "rawness" I felt in this game.

1-09. Ophanin - "Variatons on Intrepidity"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Alone"

Ophanin: I chose "Alone" because Motoi Sakuraba in this track wrote a secondary dominant chord which is not very usual in his work and in the rest of this soundtrack. So, I made this orchestral remix with a lot of cliché and classical techniques as a tribute to the one who abused this process, Schubert. It was a lot of fun despite the title.

1-10. RebeccaETripp feat. Gamer of the Winds - "Sorrow of the Forest"
Source: Golden Sun - "Forest's Requiem"

RebeccaETripp - arrangement, samples, mixing
Gamer of the Winds - flute

TSori: A big goal of this album was to give each different location a very different feel musically. Rebecca Tripp is remarkably adept (pun intended) at crafting very textured, atmospheric arrangements, a perfect fit for this album. I asked her if she wanted to be involved and I was thrilled to find out she was, herself, a big fan of Golden Sun, and eager to jump on board. The source tune, "Kolima Forest," is an almost tailor-made match for her style. She gives us one of our more conservative and nostalgic arrangements with this one, and that's fantastic. It's the Kolima Forest you know and love, but with depth and richness that take you from looking at a Game Boy screen in your living room and plant your feet firmly in the middle of an enchanted forest. You can see the light peeking through the trees, taste the mist in the air, and practically feel the life around you. Rebecca makes the world of Weyard feel real in a way only she can.

RebeccaETripp: Kolima Forest was likely my favourite place in GS. Speaking as someone who is extremely attached to trees, this piece of music has always been close to my heart. I love forest levels in games, and I generally always love the music in these places! There is a lot of me that gets expressed whenever I cover a song like this.

1-11. P2 Sue - "Winter Winds"
Source: Golden Sun - "Wintery Imil"

P2 Sue: arrangement, flutes

1-12. Lucas Guimaraes, Eladar - "Mercurial Mechanisms"
Source: Golden Sun - "Mercury Lighthouse"

Lucas Guimaraes: arrangement, mixing
Eladar: arrangement, mixing

Lucas Guimaraes: I heard that "Mercury Lighthouse" wasn't getting done -- I adore all of the lighthouse themes, but the deadline for the album was quickly creeping up. Like every artist before, I was in over my head for how much I could do, especially while wrapping up my graduate studies. I did what I knew best – created a solid idea for the arrangement. It was a burst of inspiration from a couple of different sources: mostly variations on the synthwave genre (from more intensive synthwave pieces to lighter synths -- particularly Hollywood Burns and Furi), eventually diving into funk, of all things.

We were nowhere near done. I had two options: Find a co-collaborator, or work on my own while studying and travelling. Darren really liked the ideas I came up with and even had his own ideas for the arrangement. We collaborated really seamlessly as we exchanged ideas back and forth about what we were imagining. He was able to fill in on the production knowledge that I was short-handed on, and low and behold, Mercury.

What's interesting about this remix is that I arranged half of the lighthouse themes for this album. What's even more interesting is both take the song out of the original time signature (Mercury is in 3/4; I switched it to 4/4). The most hilarious part? I never intended to change its time signature. It was a lucky accident that just happened to work in the remix's favor.

Finally, the synth solo at about 2:26? That was entirely done on Notation. It came from me experimenting with writing solos down in a game jam about a month prior. Just goes to show that the best way to get better at something is to keep making more of it!

Eladar: This track was my first collaboration with another artist on a VGM remix, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Lucas had already started working on it when I jumped on board -- he had an arrangement prepared and a clear idea of the synthwave influences he wanted the instrumentation to draw from. He provided me with his MIDI data and a few reference tracks, and I went to work on the sound design and final mixing to bring the track to completion.

The source for this one, the "Mercury Lighthouse" dungeon theme, is a bit of an odd case. There's lots of weird chromatic melodies, it often sounds unsettlingly dissonant, and, when you compare it to the other Lighthouse themes, it seems to stand out as the strangest (a point many fans of the series seem to agree on). But the more I listened to it for this remix and thought about the nature of the Lighthouses, the more I began to feel like the music had a compelling quality of struggling machinery. Like an ancient system of arcane mechanisms that was no longer functioning correctly. Mercury Lighthouse is full of pipes and water puzzles, so I fleshed out this concept with ambient sounds of stressed, clanking machinery, steam blasts, and rushing water.

Meanwhile, Lucas's road map for the arrangement evoked several distinct moods -- it's at times mysterious, in other moments intense and dire, and later on more hopeful before returning to mystery and intrigue at the end. I really liked his approach of diversifying the tonality of the original, and I'm happy with how that comes through in the final product. To me, it represents what the game's protagonists might have felt as they had their first encounter with a Lighthouse -- this bizarre, imposing structure built during a bygone era, full of puzzling processes -- and their journey towards mastering its riddles and finally reaching the summit. Hope you enjoy the unique atmosphere Lucas and I put together for this piece!

1-13. TSori feat. dannymusic, JohnStacy, Hank "The Spank Tank" Jankerson, Siolfor the Jackal, tibone, StormSkuggan - "I'm Golden, Son!"
Source: Golden Sun - "Battle! (Saturos)"

TSori: arrangement, trumpets
dannymusic: trombones
JohnStacy: French horn
Hank "The Spank Tank" Jankerson: saxophones
Siolfor the Jackal: electric guitar
tibone: bass
StormSkuggan: drum & organ sequencing, mixing

TSori: I claimed "Battle! Saturos" without any idea what I was going to do with it. I chose it for a few simple reasons. The original is one of my favorite themes in any video game. There are a lot of great "Battle! Saturos" remixes out there, but they're all metal. I wanted to make sure it was something different this time. Lastly, my first couple of remixes, while a lot of fun, were really quite tame. I wanted to do one where I'd have to push some limits, and, as my college band director would have said (very disapprovingly), "be a hero."

I spent a couple of weeks trying to figure out what to do with the tune and then inspiration came in the form of the end credits music from Iron Man 3: a big, loud, brassy, tune with a driving rock feel, which was actually based on the style of '70s cop show themes. When the source tune plays in the game, Saturos has elected to fight your party by himself with essentially one hand tied behind his back. Yet, he's extremely confident that you're no match for him. He's clearly the best his people have to offer and he knows it. A loud, brassy, '70s cop show theme-style remix seemed like the perfect way to capture that sort of ostentatious and unrestrained self-confidence.

I simplified the main melody quite a bit to get a more powerful feel and filled the remix with hard-hitting brass. True to my plan to push my limits, I wrote a trumpet part that was higher than I could actually play. It took a solid four months of practice to add the extra couple notes I needed onto the top of my range.

Once I had the arrangement together, it was time to find people to play it. I could spend all day writing about how much I appreciated each individual's contribution to this, but suffice it to say, Siolfor, Danny, John, tibone, StormSkuggan, all did absolutely incredible work. This was the first collaboration of this size I have done, and it was amazing to watch all these parts come together from so many talented musicians. Thanks, guys!

The last thing that I have to mention is the title. When I was just getting the album started, I watched a lot of walk-throughs. In one video in particular, the speaker was explaining how to solve a puzzle and finished his directions with the phrase "and once you do that, you're golden, son"..... Then he just moved on as if he didn't realize what he said! Well, I got a good laugh out of just how awesomely stupid that pun was, and I knew I had the perfect name for this remix. It fit the style of music and the character, the kind of character who could exist in this game, look you in the eye, and with absolute seriousness say, "I'm golden, son."

Siolfor the Jackal: I had a lot of fun playing the guitar for this track, something completely out of my comfort zone since I'm usually a rock/metal guy. The guitar parts TSori wrote were a good mix of fun and challenge, a good learning experience for me too. I'm proud I got to be a part of such a rad track.

StormSkuggan: This was the first time I got to collaborate on a remix. It was a really fun and refreshing feeling to not worry about composition and just focus on making everything sound as best as I could. Which I must say was a much smoother process than I thought thanks to excellent musicianship from everyone. Plus, I got to lay down some sweet Hammond organ and drums too.

1-14. Pavos - "Back to the Fields"
Source: Golden Sun - "The Angarian Journey"

Pavos: TSori asked me to contribute to the Golden Sun album, and after some thought (my spare time is scarce these days and my personal life has been "dynamic," to say the least), I was happy to do just that! Golden Sun has always been one of my favorite handheld games and RPGs in general, and that was in no small part due to the amazing soundtrack! I picked the first overworld theme as a source, because to me that's when the adventure truly began. A world of possibilities, wonders and adventure had just opened up to you, as a player. TSori said he liked the atmosphere in my tracks with, as an example, my Magus theme, which was influenced by Dexter's "Blood Theme." That made me want to make a ReMix based on something else again, because it's so much fun to do. And I've never had more sense of wonder and adventure than with the Back to the Future theme!

With the limitations of OCR concerning non-VGM-influences, I've taken what I think are the four magical notes from BttF and combined those with the first notes from the material from the Golden Sun source. I've changed some chords here and there to mimic the chord progression from the BttF theme throughout the track, and I wanted to keep the feeling magical and playful, so I've not completely filled the soundscape. I made some use of choirs and bells, but I never wanted this to feel too bombastic. Of course, the entry of the Golden Sun had to pack some punch, so I pumped up the energy in those few seconds. I couldn't resist at around the 2:13 mark and added some direct melody from the BttF theme, since they blended so well that I just had to do it. I hope that 6 seconds of non-VGM source is acceptable.

The most challenging part was the ending, because BttF has such an amazing ending with their chord progression, but it didn't really fit the source material from "The Angarian Journey." So I had to make quite some changes to both sources, but in the end, it really came together very well! After listening to this, I have both the original BttF theme in my head, as well as the original Golden Sun overworld theme, so It feels like I was successful in my goal!

Disc 2: Shifting Perspectives

TSori: "Shifting Perspectives" begins with our characters leaving their home continent of Angara and moving out into a wider world. As luck would have it, all three of the game one source tunes from the Gondowan continent ended up being done in some sub-genre of jazz, which gives the region a unique tone. Disc two contains most of the ReMixes with very distinct cultural stylings, highlighting the breadth of the journey. The album also begins to change tone to something a bit darker and more intense as we move into the second game and the former antagonists become the new protagonists. Our perspective shifts as we come to better understand their side of the story.

2-01. Deedubs feat. TSori - "Smooth Sailing"
Source: Golden Sun - "Set Sail! Through the Karagol Sea"

Deedubs: arrangement, flugelhorn, trumpets 1 & 3, samples
TSori: flugelhorn, trumpets 2 & 4

Deedubs: Bossa nova is a style of music I've wanted to explore since high school. At the time, I was introduced to Jobim's "Desafinado" by, of all things, Family Guy: Live in Las Vegas. In an album full of humor you'd expect from mid-'00s Family Guy, "Desafinado," listed as "Slightly Out of Tune" on the album, stands out as not just the only non-comedic track on the album, but also a wonderful treatment of the tune with Walter Murphy's lush orchestrations and Seth MacFarlane's subdued vocals. I've loved bossa nova ever since.

A while after completing one remix for Golden Sun: A World Reignited, I got the sudden urge to take on another track and finally follow through with doing it in a bossa nova style. After listening through several of the available tracks, the moment I heard "Set Sail! Through the Karagol Sea!" I knew right away that it was going to be perfect for bossa nova. Now I don't have a singing voice quite like Seth MacFarlane's (I wish), but I felt flugelhorn and trumpet, which I am MUCH better at, would more than suffice.

To assist me with the 4 flugelhorn/trumpet parts that I wrote for the remix, TSori was kind enough to help me out. I played the 1st (solo) and 3rd parts while he covered the 2nd and 4th parts. Big thanks to Logan for his hard work on practicing and recording my difficult sheet music! I know that 3rd page was a doozy!

Other than some fancy-shmancy cabasa shakes also recorded by me, every other instrument was done in MIDI.

TSori: If I had to pick one absolute favorite source tune from Golden Sun, it would be this one. I was very surprised by the unique direction in which Deedubs took this, and I was just blown away by the arrangement. What a great piece! Even more thrilling though was getting asked to be a part of it. Working with Deedubs is always a pleasure and getting to play on a remix of this source in particular was an unexpected privilege. The unusual harmonies and rhythms coupled with the inherent intonation challenges of a flugelhorn made this a rather difficult (page 3!), but also equally enjoyable piece to play. Deedubs' performance here is outstanding, and I'm glad I got to join him.

2-02. TSori feat. Deedubs, dannymusic, JohnStacy, SirCorn, Alex Hill, thebitterroost - "Streets of Tolbi"
Source: Golden Sun - "Tolbi"

TSori: arrangement, trumpet 1
Deedubs: trumpet 2
dannymusic: trombone 1
JohnStacy: trombone 2, mixing
SirCorn: tenor saxophone
Alex Hill: tuba
thebitterroost: drums, drum arrangement

TSori: This was an unexpected ReMix in many ways. For one, the idea do it as a New Orleans brass band came suddenly one morning, six months into the project, long after I had already given up on arranging "Tolbi" as an Irish jig. I'm actually from New Orleans, originally, and I have wanted to play this kind of music for years. The second surprise came when I sat down at my computer to hash out a rough cut of the idea, and by the end of the day I had a finished arrangement!

Still, the arrangement was only one ingredient. New Orleans brass bands have a very distinct style, and part of the challenge of this ReMix was trying to figure out how to make that happen. I knew from the beginning this had to be all live, and not just live, but every part needed to be played by a different person. In order for this to work, you really need to hear each individual player as much as you hear the one band.

Fortunately, we had a slew of brass players already on the project, and, after some searching, I was also introduced to thebitteroost, who could record live drums (which is no small order).

So, with the stage set and the players in place, the real challenge came. This style of music incorporates a lot of things we might consider "bad" in other genres: overblown notes, blatty tones, messy articulations, etc., but all of them used in a very musical way. That's where the performers really come in. This piece, more than any other I'd done, relied on the instincts of each performer to get the right kind of sound, and, man, did these guys deliver!!

* Daniel's steady and crisp first trombone part gave us the perfect background to work from.
* Deedubs work on the 2nd trumpet part fit perfectly with my first part when we played in unison, but also was very distinct when we didn't. His use of a bit of vibrato on the first note of his solo (immediately following the trombone solo) really adds a lot, and is one of my favorite small details in the remix.
* JohnStacy did a great job giving the trombone solo a lot of character, and his handling of the mixing is excellent.
* Alex's tuba part is the backbone of the whole arrangement. He managed to get a great sousaphone sound out of a concert tuba (seriously!), and his improv solo is pure New Orleans through and through.
* SirCorn joined us on very short notice, and nevertheless put together a great recording. His improv solo is so slick, and it just shines.
* thebitterroost in many ways had the biggest job. He rewrote the drum part himself with outstanding results. His decision to switch to rim shots during Alex's solo was brilliant, and I like that he managed to pay homage to his metal background in his solo as well.

That's probably what I liked most about how this remix turned out. When you send out an arrangement that's full of improv like this to performers, you're never really sure what you'll get back. What we got back through, was four improv solos (SirCorn, thebitterroost, Alex Hill, and myself) that fit the style just right, and yet sound very different from one another other. It really gave everyone's personality to a chance show, and turned this piece into one big street party. That's what this kind of music is all about.

2-03. Lucas Guimaraes feat. Nathan Madsen, Damian Nguyen, TSori, DS, wolfman1405, Matheus Souza, Jake Kargl - "Hope in 8"
Source: Golden Sun - "Venus Lighthouse"

Lucas Guimareas: arrangement, mixing
Nathan Madsen: saxophone
Damian Nguyen: oboe
TSori: trumpet
DS: piano
wolfman1405: electric guitar, electric bass
Matheus Souza: violin
Jake Kargl: drums

Lucas Guimaraes: This song has it all: a catchy melody, a pre-existing remix that I heavily enjoy, one of my favorite games, and my favorite song from the entire game. What does that make it for me? A daunting task to remix. I had the idea to transfer something with swing jazz inspiration, particularly from Paul Desmond's "Take 5." Before this album started, it was on my long list of songs I wanted to do and always in the back of my mind as "I'd do it with jazz."

Lo and behold, when the time came around for this album, I strung my two ideas together (5/4 and Isaac). What did I do? I can never stop hearing "Venus Lighthouse" in 5/4. I had some engraving assistance to make sure this complicated tune could be given justice, an amazing ensemble of performers to bring it to life, and a mixer, wolfman1405 (who also did the excellent guitar and bass on this track!), bring it to life.

It stays pretty close to the source, but when I heard the arrangement going from the page to the final mix, I spent days humming the solos. I couldn't stop. Particularly the oboe (thanks Damian!) one sold me, making me go "This is it. One of my best remixes I've done." I know it's a bit different, but I'm delighted with the final song, and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it.

2-04. StormSkuggan - "Another Point of View"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "The Second Book"

TSori: Bright lights, fog machines, and big... hair. This is so unapologetically '80s, I can't help but smile whenever I listen to it. This is a key ReMix for the album as a whole. As the source is the title theme for The Lost Age, it serves as a transition point from game 1 to 2 on the album. It also represents a significant tonal shift from the bright, optimistic, and largely acoustic sound of the first disc to the more brooding and imposing electronic sound of the 3rd disc. It's the perfect blend of darker, edgier sounds while still having a high energy, positive sort of vibe. StormSkuggan has a great talent for setting moods with his music, and I've been jamming to this one since the first WIP. He was a key player for the whole project. Joakim is a big fan of Golden Sun himself, and we could tell as his plans to do one track... became two... and then to help on a third... and then a fourth. It's safe to say the album would not be the same and four tracks would not have been nearly as good without him.

StormSkuggan: With this one, I didn't really have a clear initial idea beyond that I wanted to make it a cheesy '80s synth rock banger. I made some song sections and ideas trying to find the right feel but nothing really sticking with me, until I simply decided to put most of them all together and then it just clicked and I realized I had the arrangement almost done. So, to me, it feels like this song just appeared one day and I only needed to finish it.

2-05. Fxsnowy - "Madra Mania"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Little Madra"

2-06. GuitarSVD - "Reflection of the Wolf Moon"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "A Full Moon in Garoh"

GuitarSVD - arrangement, guitar, erhu, guzheng

TSori: I love the sound of erhu. So, when Cecil said he was going to do an arrangement focused on the instrument for this album, I was thrilled, and sure we were in for something special. What I didn't expect was just how far he'd take it! Finding someone who recorded live ehru is one thing, but guzheng too?! Incredible. "Garoh" is one of the most popular tunes from either game's soundtrack, so, as director, you really hope that whoever claims it has the talent and vision to create something unforgettable. Cecil did just that. His arrangement is truly one-of-a-kind, and his beautiful and emotive performances bring it to life in a way that feels almost tangible.

The concept behind this album was always that it should feel like a journey through a culturally diverse world. I hoped that each ReMix, especially those for in-game locations, would make the listener feel transported to a truly unique corner of Weyard. I think the album as a whole accomplishes this very well, but there's probably not any one track that does it better than this one.

GuitarSVD: "Reflection of the Wolf Moon" is a reinterpretation of "A Full Moon in Garoh" in Chinese music style.

When I was first approached to potentially contribute to the Golden Sun: A World Reignited album, it was my first time listening to the OST of Golden Sun. I was very impressed by the quality of the music and it didn't take long before I found a song that spoke to me and was suitable for erhu and guitar.

The arrangement was done very quickly, but it was obvious that something was missing. The song asked for a second erhu. So I also decided to rearrange the whole song for an erhu duet and added guzheng into the arrangement for a more vivid illustration of the full moon.

I imagine my song starts at a dark and cloudy night. Two wolves sat and waited on the lake shore. Then the moon finally broke through the cloud. The wolves started howling. Maybe they were howling to the moon, or they were howling to the reflection on the lake?

Erhu was originally introduced to China from Mongolia around A.D. 700. It was later I found out that the Mongolian wolf plays an important role in the Mongolian culture. Ancient Mongols believed they were descendants of their spiritual ancestor the Mongolian wolf.

Since I found out Garoh is a village of werewolves in the game, it was a nice surprise that the instrumentation in "Reflection of the Wolf Moon" fits the lore so well.

2-07. Eladar - "Riding the Desert Winds"
Source: Golden Sun - "Air's Rock"

TSori: Eladar bailed us out several times on the album. He took this track when it was the only one of the four elemental rocks we were missing. He offered to help Lucas Guimareas out with "Mercury Lighthouse," the only elemental lighthouse we were missing, and he stepped in to take over "Battle! (Doom Dragon)" when that one became available again at the last minute. In fact, Eladar was such a huge help both with tracks, as well as lending an extra hand for administrative stuff, that it's hard to believe he didn't join the album until 2 months before the final deadline.

I was thrilled with what Eladar did with this source. Particularly, the choice to switch out the choir in the original for chromatic percussion was brilliant, in my opinion. He uses a mix of electronic instruments and "real instrument" VSTs to create a very engaging and atmospheric sound. This track in particular is really reminiscent of his work on the soundtrack for his own game, Mythic Ocean (which is definitely well worth your time to check out). Eladar spent a lot of time studying live performances for this one in order to figure out how to recreate more lifelike performances, and I think his effort really shows.

On a fun side note, one thing Eladar and I had in common was that we both really enjoy coming up with names for remixes/albums/whatever. As we are both big Golden Sun fans, we not only had a lot of fun thinking of fitting or clever names for our own remixes, we helped a few other remixers name their tracks as well. Eladar also played a large role naming the discs.

Eladar: This track kind of took on a life of its own as I was working on it. All I knew in the beginning was that I wanted to try and distill the source into something more ambient. It wasn't until I'd started a couple drafts that I realized a tanpura (the stringed drone instrument used in certain forms of traditional Indian music) could provide a really nice atmospheric accompaniment to the synths I was experimenting with; the rest fell into place from there.

"Riding the Desert Winds" also incorporates two other stringed instruments I'd never used in a piece before -- the kora (from West Africa) and the oud (which is used in Iran, Syria, Egypt, and many other regions). These instruments are similar to lutes and provide the guitar-like sounds later on. All the instruments on this track are synth or sample-based, but I checked out some video performances for the tanpura/kora/oud to get a better sense of how their live counterparts are played and learned quite a bit from those.

I love psybient music and have been immersing myself in it for the past few years. Some cues I took from that genre for "Desert Winds" include the slow build, easy-going pace, and the blending of non-Western instruments with ethereal, airy synth textures. As for all the wind sounds, those are meant to evoke the character and gameplay of Air's Rock in the original game. The dungeon is full of whirlwinds the player can ride, so I wanted to contrast the calm parts of the arrangement with soaring sections that feel like they're lifting you up and setting you down somewhere new. Hope you enjoy!

2-08. Deedubs - "To the Open Seas!"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Full Speed Ahead!"

Deedubs: I was excited for TSori when he told me, fresh off the release of Arcadia Legends, that he was taking on his own album project for Golden Sun. He asked me if I wanted to take on a remix for the album. Despite having never played any of the Golden Sun games myself, I was excited to see what I could contribute. After 3 years of helping out with Arcadia Legends and working with a multitude of genres and styles, I felt the itch to go back to what got me into writing music in the first place: Big, orchestral, larger-than-life, adventurous film score music! I wanted to once again capture that sense of adventure and excitement that I had heard in the music by the likes of James Horner, Alan Silvestri, and, of course, my biggest influence, John WIlliams.

Most of my inspiration for this remix comes from Williams' "The Land Race," which is originally from the movie Far and Away, but I remember it most fondly as the music used in the theatrical trailer to Treasure Planet. That trailer had such a massive impact on me as a young teen, and the music was a big part of it. Never did I realize until years later that that music was a piece that had already existed. 16 years later, I heard "The Land Race" in full for the first time in late 2018, and when the parts that were used in the Treasure Planet trailer came on, I don't think I have ever felt a bigger wave of nostalgia than what I felt in that moment. This remix is my response to that nostalgia.

I hope you enjoy, and get ready to set sail!

2-09. Siolfor the Jackal feat. Bubble Pipe Media - "Watery Grave"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Yepp's Song"

Siolfor the Jackal - arrangement, electric guitars, mixing
Bubble Pipe Media - vocals

TSori: And here I was thinking I would have the weirdest track on the album... You win this round, Siolfor!

Seriously, though, this remix was a great surprise in a couple ways. For one, it started out as a joke. The source is a nothing tune that plays one time. In-game, some children use it to teach you the way through a maze. It is two almost identical musical phrases that last a total of 17 seconds. So, Siolfor and I were talking early in the claims process about some of the more unusual tracks getting claimed while the big important ones were just sitting, and he said, "I joked to myself that I'd do a simple cover of Yepp's song with lyrics from that puzzle. :-P" I got a good laugh out of it. What a ridiculous idea...

He mentioned it off-hand with increasing levels of seriousness a few more times before it showed up in our WIP chat one day as a heavy metal sea shanty (perfect genre choice). He had the lyrics from the game fitted to the melody and only needed a singer. The next surprise was that our, at the time, recently added mastering engineer Bubble Pipe Media offered to sing it. I think he did a great job with it, and turned out to be a really cool way for him to make a cameo appearance on the album.

Props to Siolfor for following through with this idea and executing it so well. It's an unquestionably fun listen, and it gives our album the song no one asked for, arranged in a way no one expected, that it wouldn't be as good without.

Siolfor the Jackal: This was a track I never expected to make. I joked about doing it but didn't think it was really possible. The source music is so sparse and the lyrics don't match up to the melody at all, so it was a lot of work to put this together.

I figured since the song is about a sailor that I could try turning it into a bit of a sea shanty. I didn't know where to start, so I increased the tempo and gave the whole song more of a triplet feel, which made it sound more fun and adventurey. I squeezed everything I could from the source and tried to expand on it, gave the bass some more notes and a bit of a gallop, then I took the rest of the rhythm parts from the source and expanded them out into alternating guitar chords.

The real challenge was trying to incorporate the lyrics, especially since I've never written for vocals before. I had to get very creative with the source melody to fit the lyrics in to the verses (using the same handful of notes, but changed the timing of them). When I needed someone to sing for me, Bubble Pipe Media appeared and offered his voice. The song didn't truly come alive until it had vocals. Bubble Pipe Media did a really great job with what I gave him to work with, and I'm really happy with how the whole thing turned out.

2-10. 744 - "Freshwater Nightmare"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Aqua Rock"

744: Water themes are always the best themes. This was actually a remix I started like five or maybe six years ago? It wasn't very different from the source because I couldn't think of anywhere to go with it (nor did I have the skill to really develop it into anything at the time). It was one of my favorite themes from the game, with a strong melodic and countermelodic line. Also, that dungeon was literally a nightmare the first time I undertook it; all the elemental rock areas do kind of drag on for a long time and some of the puzzles took a while to solve, not to mention the constant random fights and my underleveled team. Anyway, I'm more of a synthwave guy, and going with this heavily effected, darker style is a little bit outside my comfort zone, so I'm glad it turned out as well as it did.

2-11. Ophanin - "Djinn Rounds"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Gaia Rock"

Ophanin: I've used the second theme as a generating motive, the piece is therefore on a rhythm of 3+3+2.

In the first part, I put the theme on the piccolo, the oboe, and the English horn to make an oriental/folkloric sound. (Berlioz did this in his Harold in Italy.)

So, I play with the melody in E Phrygian, but it has to go somewhere and here is a massive tutti written with a powerfull quartal harmony. And then I return to the original piece to end on a less Phrygian and more C minor tonality far from the beginning.

2-12. Bluelighter - "At the End of the Road"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Ruins of Lemuria"

Bluelighter: Here is my second contribution for the album project. This track is a piano arrangement of Lemuria. The original song was peaceful and nostalgic; this kind of arrangement would be appropriate, IMO.

The arrangement alternates soft parts and parts with rhythm accentuated. I wanted in each part to respect the nostalgic characteristic of the original song.

I was melancholic myself when I made this arrangement. This track was perfect to work on. :d

Disc 3: Unfathomable Motives

TSori: "Unfathomable Motives" sees our heroes into the final leg of their journey. The stakes are now known and the challenges more severe than ever before. The increased intensity of the remixes highlights the growing desperation of our characters' struggles, leading up to a fateful battle with an unimaginable enemy. The title of the disc is borrowed from an in-game quote and refers to the various revelations of hidden intentions toward the climax of the game. The album closes with a renewed calm after the battle. Our characters return to the home they knew as we revisit the town of Vale with a second remix. And, of course, what kind of album would it be if we didn't have a fun end credits theme?

3-01. Glejs - "Dance of the Anemos"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Jupiter Lighthouse"

Glejs: I never actually played the Golden Sun games, but the soundtracks are cool and JRPGs were a huge part of my most intense gaming years, so there was no hesitation when I was asked to contribute to this massive remix album. The "Jupiter Lighthouse" repeating synth lines and spacey atmosphere craved for a synthesizer-driven, slow building "synthwave" remake. I could taste the neon while composing this.

3-02. StormSkuggan - "Treason Deserves Death"
Sources: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Agatio and Karst," "Enemy Appearance"

TSori: My absolute favorite thing about this track is the contrast between it and Bluelighter's "Hand of the Fire Clan." Bluelighter's mix is a sinister but refined orchestral take on the theme of Saturos and Menardi, the antagonists of the first game. They are revealed to be dedicated soldiers fighting to save their homeland (albeit with questionable methods). There's a nobility to Bluelighter's mix that fits them very well.

StormSkuggan's "Treason Deserves Death" is the theme of Karst and Agatio, antagonists of The Lost Age. It takes all the nobility of Bluelighter's mix... and just chucks it out the window. What we get instead is a wicked rock remix that sounds just a bit unhinged. It couldn't be a better fit for the violent and revenge-obsessed Karst and Agatio. Karst and Agatio's theme is pretty minimalist... and their battle theme differs only in that the tempo is a little faster. Yet, somehow, StormSkuggan managed to craft a nearly 7-minute epic out of it. It constantly reinvents itself, but maintains a sense of dread the entire way through. There's one particular moment starting at 3:20 that always makes me imagine our heros and villians facing off on the Jupiter Lighthouse aerie surrounded by dark clouds, howling winds, and lightning: all of the elemental fury the lighthouse can muster. Good stuff.

StormSkuggan: This was the initial song that I worked on for this album and I chose this theme because I had such a clear idea of what I wanted my remix to be. As I worked on it, I got this image in my head of Karst, one of the antagonists of the game, standing at the aerie of Jupiter Lighthouse, her scythe tightly gripped and her face seething with rage because of our protagonists betrayal.

This song was a challenge musically. I have a mission to make rockin' tracks without electric guitar. So, since I wanted the track to be this heavy, I knew I had to experiment with playing style and mixing a lot to get there. Arrangement-wise, this song really escalated in length and density beyond what I initially intended because I had a great beginning to it and a great ending, but no good way to tie them together. So, I used a second song from the soundtrack called "Karst's Appearance" which helped greatly to the piece it all together and give it the kind of prog metal arc that I wanted.

3-03. djpretzel - "Going Down the Line"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Walking Forward with Determination"

TSori: You can't have an album without a djpretzel track! When I first messaged djpretzel, I was really excited with how involved he ended up choosing to become, not only remixing a track, but also handling our web design, as well as the multitude of behind the scenes work that goes into actually getting one of these albums released. So, a huge thank you to him for all that work, and of course for starting OCR in the first place so we all have a place to do this kind of stuff.

Now onto his ReMix. "Walking Forward with Determination" is a standout track on the OST, one Golden Sun fans are especially fond of, so when he picked it I was really curious to see what he would do with it. I was sure we were in for a genre shift, but in what direction, I couldn't guess. When he sent "Going Down the Line" in though, it certainly did not disappoint. There's A LOT going on here. It's a smorgasbord of different genre elements. Chiptunes? We've got 'em! Funky bass, wailing guitars, vocal effects, and thunder, right this way! A flute solo? Sure! In fact, we'll throw in some COWBELL at no extra charge! Seriously, this remix has it all. A truckload of contrasting elements, all unified harmoniously by one heck of a groove. I'd like to think I'm not biased when I say this, but this is my favorite djpretzel remix to date, no question (though "Hillbilly Rodeo" is hard to forget). One thing that has consistently impressed me, as I've listened to the ReMixes come in, is how many of them have taken very unique approaches. This one is no exception, and frankly, I'm still not entirely sure what to call this as a genre. No matter. It's a great addition to the album and somehow it makes you feel charismatic and invincible, like you could just roll with anything. It makes you feel like Han Solo.

djpretzel: I'm honored to be involved with A World Reignited, and had a blast with my track, going for a different style than most of my mixes & having a lot of fun working in a format derived from many of my favorite artists/bands.

I was inspired by the original melody but also the source title "Walking Forward with Determination" -- I thought mostly about changing that from something earnest/heroic to something a little more seductive & funky. The bridge is used as an intro, the leads are Spectrasonics' Keyscape on EP & Shreddage 3 on guitar, and... there's cowbell. Superior Drummer 3 really made this mix possible, offering up meaty, '70s-style drums -- the type I've loved on countless classic rock tracks -- and I adapted the arrangement around a variety of grooves, with a smooth, almost Motown-style EP verse and a butt rock/hair band quad-tracked guitar lead to follow. The held note at the end of the flute solo is a delay applied to a reverb trail, with the delay feedback & gain modulated up and then Sugar Bytes' Looperator applied on top of that, for an underwater/outer space vibe. Endless Smile is applied to the whole mix a couple times, for a "pulling back" effect, and then... DUB SIREN SOLO. I feel like if you're gonna do this particular descending chord progression, you gotta go big; I applied delay & bitcrushing and the end result is a giant, wailing, lose-your-shit-style scream, before the closeout catharsis. There are various bitcrushed percussive loop fragments throughout, along with some Heavyocity choral stuff, and then the bass is a nice Orange Tree patch with an interesting attack & verb on it. It's an odd smorgasbord of '70s psychedelic rock/funk, Motown, chiptune (Plogue), and more modern sound design elements thrown in, but I like how it hangs together.

Generally speaking, this is closer to the type of original music I'd like to be making, if I had infinite free time; I love synths, and I love music technology, but I also love a retro vibe & electric piano/guitar as leads. This isn't the type of mix I could have made five years ago, but it's definitely the type I wanted to. :) The title is open to interpretation but intended as lyrical; the EP lead on this was very much written & performed as a vocal replacement sort of thing, although I'm fine with this as an instrumental. Lyrics on the hypothetical chorus would go something like:

Going down the line / one more time / over you
(one more time)
Waiting for the time / dreams come true
But dreams don't come easy...

...or something like that, you know? Ultimately, I feel like a vocal version is inferred enough by the arrangement that I hear it in my mind, anyways. No idea how/whether people will dig this, but I do hope at least a few folks get the same kicks out of it that I do, and that it adds some spunk/funk + groove to the album. Thanks to TSori for bringing me on, and to all artists for putting together an awesome tribute!

3-04. Siolfor the Jackal - "Moltencore"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Magma Rock"; Cameo: Golden Sun - "Djinn Get!"

Siolfor the Jackal - guitar

Siolfor the Jackal: My first remix and album for OverClocked ReMix, and I'm thrilled it's for one of my favourite games and game soundtracks.

Choosing a track was very difficult for me because there are so many good tracks, but in the end I chose "Magma Rock" because it is one of my favourites, and it's so obviously a metal track already. The source was already so heavy, so I wanted to double down on that and focus on the low guitars and bass, try and capture some of that underground, earthy cave feel from the game.

I made the middle section really intense since I figure it's a major dungeon. The lead in that part started off as the main melody from one of the first sections and eventually got simplified down. Every dungeon needs a small break to recover, so I added the the acoustic guitar parts so the song could take a little breath before ramping back up for the guitar solo. I'm not really a lead guitar player, so this was my first real guitar solo I had written and performed. I used the original lead from that section of the source as a jumping off point but added more and more of my own style to it. I think it went pretty well!

I loved the first main section so much that I thought it would be nice to bring it back before ending the song. Snuck in the "Djinn Get!" jingle right at the very end too!

The name "Moltencore" came from looking up alternate words for "magma" and the naming convention in metal genres where you slap "core" on the end of another word.

The song was a blast to work on and I'm really proud of the end result. TSori and the other remixers were really supportive, so I can't thank them enough for all their help.

3-05. Chernabogue - "Cocytus"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Frozen in Prox"

Chernabogue: I always thought the finale of Golden Sun 2 was amazing due to the location where it's set: the icy edge of the world with the whole region about to fall down into a stormy abyss. Pretty dark!

This is why I choose to cover the theme from Prox and to try to get that stress and desperation to shine. Ominous orchestra, pressuring percussion, huge organ -- you have all the elements for the perfect dark remix!

3-06. Rozovian - "Martian Arts"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Mars Lighthouse"

3-07. Eladar - "Unholy Miracle"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Battle! (Doom Dragon)"; Cameos: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Ruins of Lemuria," Golden Sun - "The Elemental Stars", Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Sorrow and Regret"

Eladar: This was a daunting piece to take on. Motoi Sakuraba has produced a lot of frenetic and emotional battle music during his career, and the Doom Dragon theme is certainly one of the most turbulent and intense of all. It's full of wild lead progressions, constantly-shifting time signatures, and startling key deviations. As the capstone boss of the second game, it's a notoriously difficult fight as well, so the track's aggressive and chaotic nature fits the battle brilliantly. It also plays just before one of the most crucial and impacting plot revelations of the series, so I really wanted to make sure my remix could capture some of what Sakuraba was able to express with the original.

When I revisited the source track, I was struck by how many of the synth runs sounded almost Baroque -- like they could've been played dramatically on a church organ or harpsichord instead. And, suddenly, it came to me that blending this piece with a Castlevania-style aesthetic could be really fun. A story started taking shape in my head for the remix, which would tell the tale of the Doom Dragon being summoned during a storm, the heroes struggling against it and nearly losing their lives, the triumph of their narrow victory... and then their overwhelming grief and sadness as they realize the sacrifice they'd made in order to survive (hence the cover of "Sorrow and Regret" at the end).

Tempo-wise, it's slower and a bit more methodical than the original. I wanted to play up the dread and desperation and gravity of the fight rather than the freneticism. I worked some other brief Easter egg motifs into the arrangement too, namely from "Ruins of Lemuria" and "The Elemental Stars" -- perhaps you'll notice them! I included the latter because of that theme's connection to the Wise One, who plays a very important role in the Doom Dragon fight and why it happens.

I hope you enjoy my interpretation of this bold and uncompromising boss theme. And if you've played Golden Sun: The Lost Age to completion, I hope hearing it takes you back to that memorable final battle and its striking narrative implications.

3-08. Vylent feat. luxu5 - "Heart of Stone"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "The Final Beacon"

Vylent - arrangement
luxu5 - piano

3-09. Juke - "Warmth in the Cold"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "Freezing Kalt"

Juke: After going through a list of available tracks to remix for this album, "Freezing Kalt" stood out to me for its beautiful yet simplistic melody. Despite originally being composed for a winter-like, snowy area, I couldn't help but feel a sense of warmth throughout the piece. Like looking out at the snow while seated inside by the fire. Rather than overhauling the track into something completely different, I set out to capture that warmth throughout my own remix, using both lighter strings and, eventually, brass. Perhaps too simple of a remix, but I'm happy with the results. Hope you enjoyed it!

3-10. Ganaé - "D-Lay Off"
Source: Golden Sun - "An Adept's Home"

Ganae: At the beginning, I had no ideas how to deal with this track. I decided to began this like always: true feelings and great harmony. Finally, I tried to produce some orchestral OST, John Williams-like track. I hope you'll like it. After that, I chose to play Vale's theme one more time with my piano and, with only one shot, I suceed to play it entirely. It surprised myself, then I decided to share it.

3-11. Vylent, TSori feat. Spy Girls - "What I Want to Say (하고 싶은 말)"
Source: Golden Sun: The Lost Age - "The Golden Sun Rises"

Vylent - arrangement, VSTs, mixing
TSori - trumpet, lyrics
Spy Girls (Anny, Zini) - vocals, lyrics

Vylent: Hello, Vylent here (formely Silent Ice featured in Arcadia Legends). This track was a weird one for me. I had just turned in my first remix for the album ("A Heart of Stone") when TSori came to me with the idea of creating a K-pop-style track for the album. I had never done anything even close to K-pop in my portfolio, but I was up for the challenge. To keep this brief, I ended up creating a track with a sort of duality; mimicking a Latin/pop style with the bouncy lyrics that I would hear from a lot of J-pop (different reigions I know, pleae don't hate me) tracks while mixing my familiar epic-stye orchestra that I love to create.

I actually had created the entire track with a variety of Vocaloids which I was quite proud of, but TSori (who also performed the trumpets featured) was working behind the scenes to get actual singers for the track.

When the vocalists (Spy Girls) had recorded and sent over their parts (from Korea!), I was actually blown away with the quality! The rap section (TSori's idea) was executed to a degree that I wasn't expecting and all of the main sections and harmonies were performed very well. I barely had to tweak the vocals sonically when I recieved them. This ended up becoming a memorable experience I was glad to be a part of!

Spy Girls: Hi! We are Anny and Zini of Spy Girls from Korea! We are very excited to be working on this wonderful project. It was very fun. Thanks to Logan, we look forward to meeting new viewers. We make new K-pop videos every week and we also have original songs. You can see all of this on our YouTube channel. Please visit. Thank you!


TSori: K-pop is my ultimate guilty pleasure... or at least it would be if I felt at all guilty about it. I really wanted to work a K-pop track into this album, but with electronic instruments being, WELL, outside my skill set, I knew I was going to need a lot of help. Vylent's catchy and somewhat bizarre track on the Arcadia Legends album remains one of my absolute favorites, so I pitched him the idea of doing a K-pop track, and he was glad to give it a try. I got pretty busy with other tracks and directorial duties, and, before I knew it, Vylent had put this great arrangement together himself! He helped me to find a place to bring in some live trumpet and also made some room for me to write a short rap, a staple of K-pop. The end result kind of blended K-pop, J-pop, and Vylent's more typical style into something new. That left me to do a bit of recording, write lyrics, and recruit a singer. When it came to the lyrics, I wanted them to be game-specific, but also very stereotypically K-pop. So we got Mia singing to Alex about his betrayal in a way that could really be just about any teenage girl singing to a stupid boy. Add some stereotypical phrases like "there's no more crying," a couple random English language lyrics, a girl power rap, and you have yourself some K-pop lyrics! Special shout out here to my friend Kevin, who helped me fix several grammatical mistakes in the first draft of the lyrics!

Almost as soon as I started mulling over the idea of a K-pop song, I was looking at YouTube K-pop covers in search of a singer. Finding the Spy Girls, Anny and Zini, was like striking gold. They were both obviously talented singers, with excellent senses of musicality. They had several thousand followers, but still replied to every comment on their videos. They also both seemed to have outgoing, friendly personalities. I figured all of that together would make them the perfect people to ask, and I'm happy to say I was not disappointed. They tweaked the lyrics in a handful of places to make them flow a bit better and came up with their own harmony parts. Then, their recordings just blew me away. Anny's voice was a perfect fit in both the "cutesy" first verse as well as when she belts it out in the chorus. I asked them to give the rap some attitude and, wow, did Zini ever deliver on that. "Fierce!" is the only way I can think to describe it.

"What I Want to Say ( 하고 싶은 말)" was a blast to put together, and I really look forward to getting to work with Vylent, Anny, and Zini again. Enjoy!

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Golden Sun: A World Reignited

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• José E. Felix (José the Bronx Rican)

Associate Producers
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• Joe Zieja (XPRTNovice)
• Jarel Jones (Arrow)
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