Abridged version of 1962 WS-1451

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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Rhapsody in Blue 6:00
A2 The Man I Love 2:45
A3 Someone to Watch Over Me 3:10
A4 Mine 2:10
B1 An American in Paris 6:20
B2 But Not for Me 3:00
B3 Summertime 3:00
B4 Bess, You Is my Woman 3:05


12" Vinyl 1

piano arranger:
George Gershwin (composer) (track A1)
George Gershwin (composer) (tracks A4, B3–B4)
George Gershwin (composer) (1924) (tracks A1–A2)
George Gershwin (composer) (1926) (track A3)
George Gershwin (composer) (1928) (track B1)
George Gershwin (composer) (1930) (track B2)
Ira Gershwin (tracks A4, B3–B4)
Dorothy Kuhns (playwright) (track B3)
DuBose Heyward (tracks B3–B4)
Ira Gershwin (1924) (track A2)
Ira Gershwin (1926) (track A3)
Ira Gershwin (1930) (track B2)
solo piano:
George Greeley (tracks A1–B4)
Chappell & Co. (track B3)
Chappell Music Ltd. (tracks B1, B3)
New World Company (track A2)
WB Music Corp. (ASCAP) (track A2)
Warner Bros., Inc. (not for release label use!) (track A3)
Warner Chappell Music Ltd. (no slash; used 1988–1996) (track B3)
Warner/Chappell (track B3)
Warner/Chappell North America Limited (formerly incorporated as Marmalade Music Ltd., from 1968/09/19–1999/11/09) (track B3)
ヤマハミュージックエンタテインメントホールディングス (holding company - do not use as release label) (track A3)
New World Music Co. (1930) (track B2)
New World Music Corp. (1933) (track A4)
Ira Gershwin Music (1935) (track B3)
WB Music Corp. (ASCAP) (1935) (track B3)
premiered at:
Carnegie Hall in New York, New York, United States (1928-12-13) (track B1)
arrangement of:
Rhapsody in Blue (original 1924 jazz band version, less often performed) (track A1)
An American in Paris (for two pianos) (track B1)
An American in Paris (transcription for solo piano by William Daly) (track B1)
An American in Paris (catch-all for arrangements) (track B1)
Someone to Watch Over Me (for trumpet and piano, Turrin) (track A3)
Someone to Watch Over Me (for solo piano, arr. by Keith Jarrett) (track A3)
Summertime (catch-all for arrangements) (track B3)
The Man I Love (for piano solo, arr Gershwin) (track A2)
The Man I Love (for solo piano, transcr. by Percy Grainger) (track A2)
has revision:
An American in Paris (revised by F. Campbell-Watson) (track B1)
instrumental recording of:
Bess, You Is My Woman Now (Porgy and Bess; use this for non-operatic performances) (track B4)
But Not for Me (track B2)
Mine (track A4)
Rhapsody in Blue (transcription for solo piano by Gershwin) (track A1)
Someone to Watch Over Me (Oh, Kay!) (track A3)
Summertime (American songbook standard from 1935 opera Porgy and Bess) (track B3)
The Man I Love (track A2)
is based on:
is the basis for:
Doin’ Time (track B3)
Summertime (Rick Wakeman arrangement) (track B3)
The Bones of You (track B3)
later translated parody versions:
Tschibuti (track B3)
later translated versions:
C'est l'été (track B3)
Mia zwa (track A2)
Nua ned fia mi (track B2)
Sommartid (track B3)
Summa is (track B3)
その人は誰 (track A3)
later versions:
part of:
An American in Paris (2015 Broadway musical) (tracks A2, B1–B2)
Crazy for You (1992 musical) (tracks A3, B2)
Girl Crazy (1930 Musical) (track B2)
Let 'em Eat Cake (track A4)
Oh, Kay! (1926 musical) (track A3)
recording of:
referred to in medleys:
Hooked on America (track B1)
Porgy and Bess Suite (tracks B3–B4)