CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 I'm So Glad
The Blow Monkeys 4:42
2 The Higher Ground
The Blow Monkeys 3:33
3 Digging Your Scene (long)
The Blow Monkeys 6:29
4 Superfly (long)
The Blow Monkeys 6:43
5 It Doesn't Have to Be This Way (long)
The Blow Monkeys 6:08
6 Celebrate (The Day After You) (Paul Weller mix)
The Blow Monkeys feat. Curtis Mayfield 5:55
7 Beautiful Child
The Blow Monkeys feat. Curtis Mayfield 3:51
8 You Don't Own Me
The Blow Monkeys 4 3:03
9 It Pays to Be Twelve
The Blow Monkeys 6:58
10 This Is Your Life (N-Ten City mix)
The Blow Monkeys 7:04
11 Wait (long)
Robert Howard & Kym Mazelle 6:46
12 Choice? (long)
The Blow Monkeys 6:43
13 Slaves No More (long)
The Blow Monkeys 5:58


CD 1

drums (drum set) [drums]:
Tony Kiley (Blow Monkeys Drummer) (track 8)
bass guitar:
Mick Anker (track 8)
Neville Henry (track 8)
Robert Howard (pop songwriter) (tracks 3, 5–7, 10, 12)
Ben Kape (track 8)
lead vocals:
Dr. Robert (track 8)
Robert Howard (pop songwriter) (tracks 3, 5–7, 10, 12)
Peter Wilson (UK Producer) (track 8)
John Madara (1963) (track 8)
David White (rock ’n’ roll pianist & songwriter, member of Danny & the Juniors) (1963) (track 8)
phonographic copyright by:
BMG Music (not for release label use!) (1987) (track 8)
BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd. (not for release label use! file releases under its imprint "BMG Chrysalis") (track 7)
Merjoda Music Inc. (track 8)
recorded at:
cover recording of:
You Don’t Own Me (track 8)
is the basis for:
[untitled] (track 8)
later translated versions:
恋と涙の17才 (track 8)
抗議變心 (track 5)
later versions:
You Don't Own Me (2015, Grace Sewell version) (track 8)
recording of:
Beautiful Child (track 7)
Choice (track 12)
Digging Your Scene (track 3)
The Day After You (track 6)
This Is Your Life (track 10)


ASIN: US: B00004TDUJ [info]