12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Force Ten
4 4:28
A2 Time Stand Still
3.5 5:07
A3 Open Secrets
3 5:37
A4 Second Nature
3 4:35
A5 Prime Mover
4 5:19
B1 Lock and Key
3 5:08
B2 Mission
3 5:15
B3 Turn the Page
3 4:53
B4 Tai Shan
3 4:14
B5 High Water
3 5:32


12" Vinyl 1

Geddy Lee (tracks A1–B5)
Alex Lifeson (tracks A1–B5)
guest background vocals:
Aimee Mann (track A2)
Pye Dubois (track A1)
Neil Peart (tracks A1–B5)
Peter Collins (producer) (tracks A1–A2, B2)
recording of:
Force Ten (track A1)
High Water (track B5)
Lock and Key (track B1)
Mission (track B2)
Open Secrets (track A3)
Prime Mover (track A5)
Second Nature (track A4)
Tai Shan (track B4)
Time Stand Still (track A2)
Turn the Page (track B3)