CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Bluebeard's Castle: Prologue: Bluebeard's castle, a myth, a legend
Béla Bartók 2:20
2 Bluebeard's Castle: Opening: Will you enter? Look around you
Béla Bartók 3:30
3 Bluebeard's Castle: Opening: Here I am in Bluebeard's castle
Béla Bartók 3:32
4 Bluebeard's Castle: Opening: Tell me why you came here, Judith
Béla Bartók 2:14
5 Bluebeard's Castle: Opening: Ah! I can see seven doorways
Béla Bartók 2:11
6 Bluebeard's Castle: 1st Door: Oh, I heard your castle sighing
Béla Bartók 2:40
7 Bluebeard's Castle: 1st Door: What's there? What's there?
Béla Bartók 4:11
8 Bluebeard's Castle: 2nd Door: What's there?
Béla Bartók 2:35
9 Bluebeard's Castle: 2nd Door: Trembling seizes all my castle
Béla Bartók 1:54
10 Bluebeard's Castle: 3rd Door: Glittering gold!
Béla Bartók 2:17
11 Bluebeard's Castle: 4th Door: Oh! Lovely flowers! Oh! Beautiful scents
Béla Bartók 4:49
12 Bluebeard's Castle: 5th Door: Ah!
Béla Bartók 4:00
13 Bluebeard's Castle: 5th Door: Look! Brightness has filled my castle
Béla Bartók 2:58
14 Bluebeard's Castle: 6th Door: Silent tranquil peaceful waters...
Béla Bartók 5:27
15 Bluebeard's Castle: 6th Door: My last door will stay unopened
Béla Bartók 1:39
16 Bluebeard's Castle: 6th Door: Tell me truly, tell me Bluebeard
Béla Bartók 2:37
17 Bluebeard's Castle: 6th Door: I know what's behind it Bluebeard
Béla Bartók 4:07
18 Bluebeard's Castle: 7th Door: Look upon the other woman
Béla Bartók 2:37
19 Bluebeard's Castle: 7th Door: Daybreak - when I found the first one
Béla Bartók 2:05
20 Bluebeard's Castle: 7th Door: Midnight - when I found the fourth one
Béla Bartók 5:22


CD 1

bass vocals:
John Tomlinson (English operatic bass) (tracks 1–2, 4, 7–9, 13, 15, 18–20)
Béla Bartók (composer) (tracks 1–20)
Richard Farnes (tracks 1–20)
Balázs Béla (tracks 1–20)
mezzo-soprano vocals:
Sally Burgess (Opera director, mezzo-soprano) (tracks 3, 5–6, 10–12, 14, 16–17)
Orchestra of Opera North (English Northern Philharmonia) (tracks 1–20)
part of:
partial recording of:
recording of:


ASIN: UK: B000F9SZCG [info]