12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 I Drink Milk
The Teen Idles 1:08
A2 Commie Song
The Teen Idles 1:01
A3 No Fun
The Teen Idles 2:24
A4 Rat Patrol
The Untouchables 0:59
A5 Nice Fit
The Untouchables 1:01
A6 I Hate You
The Untouchables 1:17
A7 I Hate the Kids
State of Alert 0:39
A8 Disease
State of Alert 0:27
A9 Stepping Stone Party
State of Alert 1:50
A10 Stand Up
Minor Threat 3 0:53
A11 12XU
Minor Threat 4 1:04
A12 Hey, Ronnie
Government Issue 1:08
A13 Lie, Cheat & Steal
Government Issue 0:45
A14 Moral Majority
Youth Brigade 1:06
A15 Waste of Time
Youth Brigade 0:51
A16 Last Word
Youth Brigade 1:17
B1 Jimi 45
Red C 1:19
B2 Pressure's On
Red C 1:40
B3 6 O'Clock News
Red C 2:03
B4 Assassin
Red C 0:49
B5 Dehumanized
Void 1:16
B6 Authority
Void 0:49
B7 My Rules
Void 0:52
B8 Wargames
Iron Cross 1:22
B9 New Breed
Iron Cross 1:21
B10 Live for Now
Iron Cross 2:05
B11 Artificial Peace
Artificial Peace 1:38
B12 Outside Looking In
Artificial Peace 0:58
B13 Wasteland
Artificial Peace 1:55
B14 Stolen Youth
Deadline 1:43
B15 Hear the Cry
Deadline 1:02
B16 Aftermath
Deadline 2:15


12" Vinyl 1

bass guitar:
Brian Baker (US punk guitarist & bassist) (tracks A10–A11)
Jeff Nelson (tracks A10–A11)
Lyle Preslar (tracks A10–A11)
Ian MacKaye (track A10)
lead vocals:
Ian MacKaye (tracks A10–A11)
Ian MacKaye (track A10)
Skip Groff (tracks A10–A11)
Bruce Gilbert (track A11)
Robert Gotobed (track A11)
Graham Lewis (track A11)
Colin Newman (track A11)
cover recording of:
1 2 X U (track A11)
recording of:
I Hate You (track A6)
Stand Up (track A10)

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