Version containing the "secret" unlisted track "Endless Nameless" several minutes after "Something in the Way" has faded out. Various catalogue numbers and record labels have been associated with this release.
The UK version, for instance, has two catalogue numbers, was manufactured in Germany and distributed by BMG/MCA until Universal took over the rights to the Geffen label in 1998.
Full details of the large number of different pressings of the European "Nevermind" can be found at

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Smells Like Teen Spirit
4.4 5:01
2 In Bloom
4.2 4:15
3 Come as You Are
4.35 3:39
4 Breed
3.5 3:04
5 Lithium
4.6 4:17
6 Polly
4.35 2:57
7 Territorial Pissings
4 2:23
8 Drain You
3.7 3:44
9 Lounge Act
3.65 2:37
10 Stay Away
3.7 3:32
11 On a Plain
3.75 3:16
12 Something in the Way / Endless, Nameless
3.75 20:35


CD 1

Dave Grohl (tracks 1–12)
Krist Novoselic (tracks 1–12)
Kurt Cobain (tracks 1–12)
assistant engineer:
Craig Doubet (tracks 2–12)
Jeff Sheehan (tracks 2–12)
assistant mixer:
Craig Doubet (track 1)
assistant recorded by:
Jeff Sheehan (track 1)
background vocals:
Krist Novoselic (tracks 1–12)
Dave Grohl (tracks 1–12)
Nirvana (90s US grunge band) (tracks 2–6, 8–12, 12)
Krist Novoselic (track 1)
Chet Powers (track 7)
Kurt Cobain (tracks 1, 7)
Dave Grohl (track 1)
Nirvana (90s US grunge band) (tracks 1–12)
Butch Vig (tracks 1–12)
guest cello:
Kirk Canning (track 12)
lead vocals:
Kurt Cobain (tracks 1–12)
Chet Powers (track 7)
Kurt Cobain (tracks 1–12, 12)
Bernie Grundman (track 1)
Howie Weinberg (tracks 2–11)
Andy Wallace (tracks 1–12)
Nirvana (90s US grunge band) (tracks 1–12)
Butch Vig (tracks 1–12)
recorded by:
Butch Vig (tracks 1–3, 5)
MJ Twelve Music (track 1)
Murky Slough Music (track 1)
Primary Wave Tunes (tracks 1–3, 5)
The End of Music (1991) (tracks 1–12, 12)
Virgin Songs Inc. (1991) (tracks 1–12, 12)
recorded at:
Sound City Studios in Van Nuys, California, United States (1991-05) (tracks 1–5, 7–12)
Bloom to Me by G3RSt (track 2)
Smells Like Compton (N.W.A. vs. Nirvana) (Best of Bootie 2005 DJ-mix) by Cheekyboy (track 1)
Smells Like Runnin' by G3RSt (track 1)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (extended Voc 2 the Floor mix) (part of “Bump 15” DJ‐mix) by Warp Brothers (track 1)
sampled by:
Conserve & Destroy by Tricil (track 5)
Holy Grail by Jay‐Z feat. Justin Timberlake (track 1)
Triple Double by Girl Talk (track 2)
part of:
later parody versions:
Humppanirvana (track 1)
Outro (track 1)
Young as You Are (track 3)
later translated parody versions:
Ejaculatio Praecox (track 1)
later translated versions:
later versions:
(New Wave) Polly (track 6)
recording of:
Breed (track 4)
Come as You Are (track 3)
Drain You (track 8)
Endless, Nameless (track 12)
In Bloom (track 2)
Lithium (track 5)
Lounge Act (track 9)
On a Plain (track 11)
Polly (track 6)
Stay Away (track 10)
version of:
Let's Get Together (track 7)


bass guitar: Krist Novoselic
drums: Dave Grohl
guitar: Kurt Cobain
additional engineer: James Johnson (engineer)
Jeff Sheehan
art direction: Robert Fisher (Art Director, formerly with Geffen Records.)
engineer: Nirvana (90s US grunge band)
Butch Vig
graphic design: Robert Fisher (Art Director, formerly with Geffen Records.)
mastering: Howie Weinberg
mixer: Andy Wallace
photography: Kurt Cobain
Michael Lavine
Kirk Weddle
producer: Nirvana (90s US grunge band)
Butch Vig
vocals: Kurt Cobain
Dave Grohl
Krist Novoselic
ASIN: US: B000003TA4 [info]
Discogs: [info]