Attention: There is some confusion as to the order of track 8 and 9. Amazon always shows Way of Redemption first, their website always shows I Don't Care first. The Discogs entries for the German releases show Way of Redemption first. The Discogs entry for the US release shows I Don't Care first and states the tracks are in the wrong order on the backside cover (but doesn't explain if this has been corrected in the tracklist there).
However on the 2004 re-release, I Don't Care is first.
I don't think there are releases with different orders as the times are always in the same order, even between Discogs releases which show different orders. I tend to belief I Don't Care is the first track on all releases - can someone who owns the release please confirm with comparing lyrics <-> song? Thanks. --Shepard
Metropolis label website has the tracks reversed from this listing, I Don't Care is second, Way of Redemption is track 8. But I don't have this edition to be any more sure. --KrazyKiwi
A check of the lyrics confirmed "I Don't Care" is track 8, "Way Of Redemption" is track 9 --zkdnspc

US release:
Label: Metropolis - Cat#: MET 091 - Discogs release: 17304 - ASIN: B000009OYP

German regular release:
Label: Zoth Ommog - Cat#: CD ZOT 204 - Discogs release: 157099 - ASIN: B000025X8G

German limited box edition (500 copies, containing a t-shirt, a poster, some postcards and some stickers):
Label: Zoth Ommog - Cat#: CD ZOT 204 - Discogs release: 734251

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Empire 5:53
2 Alles in mir 2 6:06
3 Prediction 3 4:31
4 Industrial Love 5:48
5 Hidden Thoughts 3 4:57
6 Room 101 5:13
7 Engel mit Feuer und Schwert 4:28
8 I Don't Care 3:08
9 Way of Redemption 6:10
10 Ein Mensch, ein Kämpfer und ein Schlächter 6:08


CD 1

Dennis Ostermann (tracks 2, 4)
Dennis Ostermann (tracks 2, 4)
Torben Schmidt (track 4)
recording of:
Allein in mir (track 2)
Industrial Love (track 4)

Release Group

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Wikidata:Q5428389 [info]