The Transports: A Tale of Exile and Migration (2017 cast)

~ Release by Peter Bellamy (see all versions of this release, 2 available)


CD 1
Peter Bellamy2:53
2Us Poor Fellows
Peter Bellamy4:57
3Narration 2
Peter Bellamy0:27
4The Robbers Song
Peter Bellamy2:36
5Narration 3
Peter Bellamy2:43
6The Leaves in the Woodland
Peter Bellamy4:46
7Narration 4
Peter Bellamy1:22
8The Ballad of Norwich Gaol
Peter Bellamy4:18
9Narration 5
Peter Bellamy2:03
10I Once Lived in Service
Peter Bellamy4:43
11Narration 6
Peter Bellamy0:33
12Sweet Loving Friendship
Peter Bellamy3:42
13Narration 7
Peter Bellamy3:30
14The Black and Bitter Night
Peter Bellamy5:58
15Narration 8
Peter Bellamy1:28
16Dark Water
Sean Cooney5:49
17Narration 9
Peter Bellamy0:52
18The Humane Turnkey 1
Peter Bellamy1:07
19Narration 10
Peter Bellamy1:27
20The Plymouth Mail
Peter Bellamy4:08
21Narration 11
Peter Bellamy0:28
22The Humane Turnkey 2
Peter Bellamy2:05
23Narration 12
Peter Bellamy1:20
24The Green Fields of England
Peter Bellamy5:35
25Narration 13
Peter Bellamy1:12
26The Still and Silent Ocean
Peter Bellamy1:13
27Narration 14
Peter Bellamy2:53
28Roll Down
Peter Bellamy4:50