Recorded from 11 Aug to 15 Nov 1969

Released on CD in Canada and Europe as CBS Records CBS 63699 (date of release not known)
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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Bridge Over Troubled Water 3.8 4:52
A2 El cóndor pasa 4 3:06
A3 Cecilia 3.9 2:55
A4 Keep the Customer Satisfied 3.25 2:33
A5 So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright 3.5 3:41
B1 The Boxer 3.9 5:08
B2 Baby Driver 4 3:15
B3 The Only Living Boy in New York 3.9 3:57
B4 Why Don’t You Write Me 3 2:45
B5 Bye Bye Love 4 2:55
B6 Song for the Asking 3.2 1:39


12" Vinyl 1

drums (drum set):
Hal Blaine (1969-11-01) (track B6)
Hal Blaine (1969-11-02) (tracks A2–A4, B2)
Hal Blaine (1969-11-08) (tracks B1, B4)
Hal Blaine (1969-11-09) (tracks A1, A5)
Hal Blaine (1969-11-15) (track B3)
bass guitar:
Joe Osborn (1969-11-01) (track B6)
Joe Osborn (1969-11-02) (tracks A2–A4, B2)
Joe Osborn (1969-11-08) (tracks B1, B4)
Joe Osborn (1969-11-09) (tracks A1, A5)
Joe Osborn (1969-11-15) (track B3)
Ernie Freeman (1969-11-01) (track B6)
Jimmie Haskell (1969-11-01) (track B6)
Ernie Freeman (1969-11-02) (tracks A2–A4, B2)
Jimmie Haskell (1969-11-02) (tracks A2–A4, B2)
Ernie Freeman (1969-11-08) (tracks B1, B4)
Jimmie Haskell (1969-11-08) (tracks B1, B4)
Ernie Freeman (1969-11-09) (tracks A1, A5)
Jimmie Haskell (1969-11-09) (tracks A1, A5)
Ernie Freeman (1969-11-15) (track B3)
Jimmie Haskell (1969-11-15) (track B3)
Fred Carter, Jr. (1969-11-01) (track B6)
Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel) (1969-11-01) (track B6)
Fred Carter, Jr. (1969-11-02) (tracks A2–A4, B2)
Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel) (1969-11-02) (tracks A2–A4, B2)
Fred Carter, Jr. (1969-11-08) (tracks B1, B4)
Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel) (1969-11-08) (tracks B1, B4)
Fred Carter, Jr. (1969-11-09) (tracks A1, A5)
Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel) (1969-11-09) (tracks A1, A5)
Fred Carter, Jr. (1969-11-15) (track B3)
Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel) (1969-11-15) (track B3)
Larry Knechtel (1969-11-01) (track B6)
Larry Knechtel (1969-11-02) (tracks A2–A4, B2)
Larry Knechtel (1969-11-08) (tracks B1, B4)
Larry Knechtel (1969-11-09) (tracks A1, A5)
Larry Knechtel (1969-11-15) (track B3)
Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel) (track A2)
Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel) (tracks A2–B4, B6)
Jorge Milchberg (track A2)
Daniel Alomía Robles (1913) (track A2)
Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel) (1969) (track A1)
Roy Halee (tracks A1–B6)
Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel) (tracks A1–B4, B6)
Los Incas (1969-11-02) (track A2)
phonographic copyright by:
Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel) (1969) (tracks A1, A3, A5–B4)
Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel) (1970) (tracks A4, B6)
Arthur Garfunkel (tracks A1–B6)
Roy Halee (tracks A1–B6)
Simon & Garfunkel (tracks B3, B6)
Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel) (tracks A1–B6)
recording engineer:
Ted Brosnan (track B5)
Ted Brosnan (1969-11-01) (track B6)
Ted Brosnan (1969-11-02) (tracks A2–A4, B2)
Ted Brosnan (1969-11-08) (tracks B1, B4)
Ted Brosnan (1969-11-09) (tracks A1, A5)
Ted Brosnan (1969-11-15) (track B3)
Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel) (1969-11-09) (track A1)
Art Garfunkel (tracks A2–B6)
Art Garfunkel (1969-11-09) (track A1)
Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel) (tracks A2–B6)
Boudleaux Bryant (track B5)
Felice Bryant (track B5)
phonographic copyright by:
CBS, Inc. (US broadcasting company; file no releases here!) (1970) (tracks A1, A4)
Charing Cross Music, Inc. (1970) (track A2)
Sony Music Entertainment (not for release label use! company owned by Sony Corporation of America since Oct 1, 2008; operates worldwide except in JP) (2001) (tracks A1–B4, B6)
House of Bryant Publications (publisher; do NOT use as release label) (track B5)
Pattern Music Ltd (tracks A1–A4, B1)
Paul Simon Music (tracks A1–A5, B2–B4, B6)
Universal/MCA Music Ltd. (not for release label use!) (track A1)
Warner Chappell Music Ltd. (no slash; used 1988–1996) (track A1)
Paul Simon Music (1968) (track B1)
sampled by:
part of:
The Co-Op: Top 10 British Funeral Songs (number: 9) (order: 9) (track A1)
The Rolling Stone Magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time (as at 2016-06-10) (number: 47) (order: 47) (track A1)
The Rolling Stone Magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time (as at 2016-06-10) (number: 105) (order: 104) (track B1)
cover recording of:
Bye Bye Love (track B5)
is the basis for:
A Bridge Over You (track A1)
Cecilia (track A3)
Punchdrunk (track B1)
The Actor (track B1)
later parody versions:
Cornelius (track A3)
later translated versions:
Brug over troebel water (Bridge Over Troubled Water) (track A1)
Bye Bye Love (track B5)
Der Kondor (track A2)
Puente sobre agües braves (Asturian version) (track A1)
later versions:
Cécilia (track A3)
recording of:
Song for the Asking (1969-11-01) (track B6)
Baby Driver (1969-11-02) (track B2)
Cecilia (1969-11-02) (track A3)
El cóndor pasa (If I Could) (1969-11-02) (track A2)
Keep the Customer Satisfied (1969-11-02) (track A4)
The Boxer (1969-11-08) (track B1)
Why Don't You Write Me (1969-11-08) (track B4)
Bridge Over Troubled Water (1969-11-09) (track A1)
So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright (1969-11-09) (track A5)
The Only Living Boy in New York (1969-11-15) (track B3)
version of:
El cóndor pasa (track A2)


photography:Abbott Mills
Peter Powell
graphic design:Tony Lane (painter, photographer, designer)
engineer:Roy Halee
producer:Art Garfunkel
Roy Halee
Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel)
recording engineer:Ted Brosnan
strings arranger:Ernie Freeman
Jimmie Haskell
bass:Joe Osborn
guitar:Fred Carter, Jr.
Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel)
keyboard:Larry Knechtel
membranophone:Hal Blaine
remastered versions:Collected Works (Reissue) by Simon & Garfunkel
Collected Works by Simon & Garfunkel
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