The Faint were previously known as Norman Bailer.
This CD was originally released as a self-titled CD. Shortly after the pressing, the band changed their name to The Faint, but they didn't change the name of the disc, so they reprinted the inserts with The Faint and left the CD titled Norman Bailer. This release is therefore extremely rare.
I contacted Saddle Creek to see if I could get a more exact release date:
"it was a two track teaser CD that featured two songs from Media
it was never officially 'released' since it was just a promo item.
they did sell/give some away though around town/tour

since media was released 3/24/98 i would presume we had these in fall '97, but that is just a best guess."

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Some Incriminating Photographs
2 Typing: 1974-2048



photography: Joel Petersen
Jamie Williams (Photographer for The Faint's "Blank-Wave Arcade")