The Anatomy of Melancholy (2DVD/2CD limited edition)

~ Release by Paradise Lost (see all versions of this release, 4 available)


Live at the Koko (London, Camden April 12th 2007).

This is the 2DVD/2CD limited edition. The first DVD contains a live video recording of the show at the Koko, the second DVD an interview with the band, a 2007 tour report "Lost in Europe" and three promo videos ("The Enemy", "Praise Lamented Shade" and the "Over the Madness" trailer). The two CDs contain only the live audio recordings.

The audio discs are available separately as CD or LP.

The booklet contains personal liner notes per track by Nick Holmes (CD 1 tracks 2-5, 8, 9, CD 2 tracks 3, 6-9) and Greg Mackintosh (CD 1 tracks 6, 7, 10-12, CD 2 track 1, 2, 4, 5, ).

Video credits:

  • Filmed, edited and produced by Dash Productions Ltd, UK (
  • Producer / director: Paul M. Green
  • Dash editing and post production: Tom Grimshaw
  • Cameramen: Jamie Goodbrand, Mark Rovira, David Bibby, Anthony Graham, Dave Potts, Andrew Persival, Chris Reynolds, Tom Grimshaw, Jason Powell
  • Production staff: Alfie Warnham
  • Audio: Recorded on the Twenty First Century Mobile by Martin Wilding
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