This is an demo I made for a song from the forthcoming deerhunter LP microcastle. It will probably end up taking quite different form once the other band members work on it with me. i wanted to create a song that had the melodramatic sadness of old everly brothers or righteous brothers songs but have the dissonance and catharsis of early velvet underground. I want the video to be a little boy playing a videogame based on zelda in which he completes the actions described in the song. then his dad busts into the room from off frame and grabs him by the hair and drags him into another room and beats him. this is based on a real story. its not some kind of sick thing i'm joking about. i wanted this song to be about the sadness of childhood. feel free to leave fifty comments flaming me and turning my words around on me.

Twilight at Carbon Lake:

Go to the shore, and pray for the sea
Go to the land and pray for the sea
Don't go down
Go downtown
Go downtown
Go to the waves of grain in the center of the state.
Go away.
Go to a parking lot, sit on the ground and cry.
You'll never know why.
Start over.
Go to the ocean on a ship.
Wave goodbye to the waves and the frozen shit
that was in your heart.
So long
Time slows when it goes away
go away.
Time slows.
So long.

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1 Twilight at Carbon Lake