12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Magical Mystery Tour
3 2:54
A2 The Fool on the Hill
3.35 3:02
A3 Flying
2.25 2:19
A4 Blue Jay Way
2.65 3:59
A5 Your Mother Should Know
3 2:32
A6 I Am the Walrus
4 4:39
B1 Hello Goodbye
3.15 3:33
B2 Strawberry Fields Forever
3.6 4:13
B3 Penny Lane
3.5 3:05
B4 Baby You’re a Rich Man
4 3:06
B5 All You Need Is Love
3.5 3:48


12" Vinyl 1

acoustic guitar:
George Harrison (The Beatles) (track A2)
Paul McCartney (track A2)
acoustic guitar [acoustic rhythm guitar]:
John Lennon (Beatle) (track A1)
electric bass guitar:
Paul McCartney (tracks A1–A3, A5)
Hammond organ:
George Harrison (The Beatles) (1967-09-06) (track A4)
drums (drum set):
Ringo Starr (tracks A2–A3, A5)
Ringo Starr (1967-09-06) (track A4)
effects [sound effects]:
John Lennon (Beatle) (track A3)
Ringo Starr (track A3)
John Lennon (Beatle) (track A3)
Paul McCartney (track A2)
Ringo Starr (track A5)
Ringo Starr (1967-10-06) (track A4)
John Lennon (Beatle) (tracks A3, A5)
George Harrison (The Beatles) (tracks A3, A5)
Paul McCartney (track A3)
George Harrison (The Beatles) (track A2)
John Lennon (Beatle) (track A2)
Ringo Starr (tracks A2–A3)
finger cymbals:
Ringo Starr (track A2)
electric guitar [lead guitar]:
George Harrison (The Beatles) (track A1)
George Harrison (The Beatles) (track A1)
John Lennon (Beatle) (track A1)
Paul McCartney (tracks A1–A2, A5)
jew's harp:
John Lennon (Beatle) (track A2)
background vocals:
George Harrison (The Beatles) (track A1)
John Lennon (Beatle) (tracks A1, A5)
John Lennon (Beatle) (1967-09-07) (track A4)
Paul McCartney (1967-09-07) (track A4)
George Harrison (The Beatles) (tracks A3–A4)
John Lennon (Beatle) (track A3)
Paul McCartney (track A3)
Ringo Starr (track A3)
guest trumpet:
Roy Copestake (trumpeter) (1967-05-03) (track A1)
Elgar Howarth (1967-05-03) (track A1)
David Mason (trumpeter) (1967-05-03) (track A1)
John Wilbraham (trumpet player) (1967-05-03) (track A1)
guest flute:
Jack Ellory (flautist) (1967-10-20) (track A2)
Christopher Taylor (woodwind player) (1967-10-20) (track A2)
Richard Taylor (Classical recorder player with Bath Festival Orchestra) (1967-10-20) (track A2)
guest percussion:
Neil Aspinall (track A1)
Mal Evans (track A1)
lead vocals:
John Lennon (Beatle) (track B2)
Paul McCartney (tracks A1–A2, A5, B1)
George Harrison (The Beatles) (1967-09-07) (track A4)
George Harrison (The Beatles) (track A4)
Peter Willison (track A4)
George Martin (tracks A1–A2, B1–B2)
George Harrison (The Beatles) (track A3)
John Lennon (Beatle) (track A3)
Paul McCartney (track A3)
Ringo Starr (track A3)
John Lennon (Beatle) (tracks A1–A2, A5–B5)
Paul McCartney (tracks A1–A2, A5–B5)
Northern Songs Ltd. (track B5)
has remixes:
Something / Blue Jay Way (transition) (Love version) by The Beatles (track A4)
Strawberry Fields Forever (1971 stereo remix) by The Beatles (track B2)
Strawberry Fields Forever (Love version) by The Beatles (track B2)
The Fool on the Hill (Love version) by The Beatles (track A2)
Mad World Forever by dj BC (track B2)
music videos:
Hello, Goodbye by The Beatles (track B1)
remix of:
All You Need Is Love (original mono studio mix) by The Beatles (track B5)
I Am the Walrus (original stereo studio mix) by The Beatles (track A6)
Penny Lane (original stereo studio mix) by The Beatles (track B3)
sampled by:
Glass Onion (Love version) by The Beatles (tracks A1, B1)
Strawberry Fields Forever (Love version) by The Beatles (track B1)
part of:
The Rolling Stone Magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time (as at 2016-06-10) (number: 76) (track B2)
arrangement of:
Blujeiwai (translated) (track A4)
Fool on the Hill (for guitar, Brouwer) (track A2)
is the basis for:
Nothing Is Real (track B2)
later parody versions:
I Am the Walmart (track A6)
Texas Motel (track B2)
later translated parody versions:
Potrzebujesz krwi (track B5)
Vad az életem (track B5)
血こそすべて (track B5)
피가 필요해 (track B5)
later translated versions:
Der Mann, den ich will (The Fool on the Hill) (track A2)
Goodbye (Hello, Goodbye, german translation) (track B1)
Hassu huilumies (track A2)
Ich bin das Walross (track A6)
Mansikkamaa (track B2)
Rakkautta vain (track B5)
Rööperiin (track B3)
Strawberry Fields Forever (Spanish translation) (track B2)
Viidakko Jim (track A2)
Álfur út úr hól (track A2)
later versions:
Helogutbei (track B1)
Rolap (track A1)
recording of:
Blue Jay Way (track A4)
Flying (track A3)
Hello, Goodbye (track B1)
I Am the Walrus (track A6)
Penny Lane (track B3)
referred to in medleys:
The Beatles’ Movie Medley (tracks A1, B5)
Elephant Love (aka Elephant Love Medley, from Moulin Rouge!) (track B5)
A Liverpool Day (tracks B2–B3)
The Music of The Beatles (tracks A2, B3)


producer:George Martin
remastered versions:Magical Mystery Tour (2009 stereo remaster)
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