CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Set Adrift on Memory Bliss
P.M. Dawn 3 3:55
2 Sunshine on a Rainy Day
Zoë 3:58
3 Always There
Incognito feat. Jocelyn Brown 3:30
4 Touch Me (All Night Long)
Cathy Dennis 5 3:27
5 Now That We Found Love
Heavy D. & The Boyz 4:16
6 I'm Too Sexy
Right Said Fred 5 2:50
7 Do You Want Me
Salt‐N‐Pepa 3:16
8 A Roller Skating Jam Named 'Saturdays'
De La Soul 4:00
9 People Are Still Having Sex
LaTour 4:06
10 Dream About You
D'Bora 4:20
11 Charly
The Prodigy 5:05
12 What Can You Do for Me
Utah Saints 3:39
13 Last Train to Trancentral (live from the Lost Continent)
The KLF 3:37
14 Everybody's Free (to Feel Good)
Rozalla 5 3:35
15 The Whistle Song
Frankie Knuckles 4:11
16 Breathing Is E-Zee
E-Zee Possee feat. Tara Newley 3:44
17 Apparently Nothin'
Young Disciples 3:59
18 Summertime
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince 5 3:57
19 It's Too Late
Quartz feat. Dina Carroll 3:59
20 There's Nothing Like This
Omar 3:58


CD 1

3MI (track 14)
Hurby Azor (track 7)
Ronald Bell (track 18)
George Brown (US percussionist of Kool & The Gang) (track 18)
Tim Cox (track 14)
Bill Drummond (track 13)
Liam Howlett (track 11)
DJ Jazzy Jeff (Jeffrey Townes) (track 18)
William Jeffrey (track 3)
Carole King (track 19)
Eric Kupper (track 15)
Ronnie Laws (track 3)
Lamar Hula Mahone (track 18)
Craig Simpkins (track 18)
Claydes Smith (track 18)
Alton Taylor (track 18)
Dennis “D.T.” Thomas (Kool) (track 18)
Ricky West (track 18)
Jimmy Cauty (track 13)
Omar Hammer (track 20)
Steve “Silk” Hurley (Chicago house DJ/producer) (track 10)
Will Smith (US actor aka The Fresh Prince) (track 18)
guest performer:
Aaron Hall (track 5)
guest vocals:
Jocelyn Brown (track 3)
Dina Carroll (track 19)
Tara Newley (track 16)
Hurby Azor (track 7)
Bill Drummond (track 13)
Liam Howlett (track 11)
Paul Allen (US songwriter) (track 3)
Jimmy Cauty (track 13)
Omar Hammer (track 20)
Steve “Silk” Hurley (Chicago house DJ/producer) (track 10)
Will Smith (US actor aka The Fresh Prince) (track 18)
Toni Stern (track 19)
Band of Gypsies (track 14)
Band of Gypsys (track 14)
Hula & K. Fingers (track 18)
3MI (track 14)
vocals arranger:
Rozalla (track 14)
Patrick Adams (US disco, soul, boogie songwriter and producer) (track 4)
Carleen Anderson (track 17)
Greg Carmichael (owner of the NY disco label Red Greg) (track 4)
Attrell S. Cordes (track 1)
Raymond Earl (track 8)
Fred Fairbrass (track 6)
Richard Fairbrass (track 6)
Kenneth Gamble (track 5)
Barry Gibb (track 8)
Martin Glover (track 2)
Leon Huff (Philly soul producer, of Gamble & Huff) (track 5)
Paul Huston (track 8)
Dave Jolicoeur (track 8)
Gary Kemp (track 1)
Robert Manzoli (track 6)
Vincent Mason (track 8)
Rodney Mathews (Mighty Ryeders) (track 8)
Kelvin Mercer (track 8)
Kim Miller (track 8)
Scotty Miller (track 8)
Marco Nelson (track 17)
Zoë Pollock (track 2)
phonographic copyright by:
Mercury Records Ltd. (not for release label use!) (1991) (track 20)
Zomba Recording Corporation (not strictly a label - avoid adding releases here) (1991) (track 18)
Congo Music (track 20)
Imagem CV (track 1)
MCA Music Publishing (renamed since c. 1996 as Universal Music Publishing Group) (track 1)
peermusic UK (UK publisher) (track 14)
sampled by:
cover recording of:
It’s Too Late (track 19)
is the basis for:
later translated versions:
I’m Too Sexy (Spanish version) (track 6)
I’m Too Sexy (Italian version) (track 6)
later versions:
Alltför sent (track 19)
Ich bin wieder hier (track 14)
Tuhlattiin aikaa (track 19)
live recording of:
Last Train to Trancentral (Original Single/Iron Horse) (track 13)
recording of:
A Roller Skating Jam Named "Saturdays" (album version) (track 8)
Always There (with lyrics) (track 3)
Apparently Nothin' (track 17)
Breathing Is E-Zee (track 16)
Charly (track 11)
Do You Want Me (track 7)
Dream About You (track 10)
I’m Too Sexy (track 6)
Summertime (DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince song) (track 18)
The Whistle Song (track 15)
version of:
Always There (instrumental) (track 3)


compiler: Ashley Abram
design/illustration: Qd Design Ltd.
ASIN: UK: B000N0Y350 [info]
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Release Group

part of: Now Dance ("Now That's What I Call Music!" Spin-off, UK) (number: 1991)
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