Original release 1995, re-release with new packaging circa 2000.

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CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Ole, Ole, Ole (Satoshi Private version)
Hat Trixx 6:47
2 Respect (The Ultimate Anthem mix)
Judy Cheeks 8:00
3 Another Star (Rogers Ultimate Anthem mix)
Kathy Sledge 8:00
4 God Made Me Phunky (original mix)
The MD X‐Spress 4:44
5 I Believed in You (Ministry Working dub)
Yojo Working 3:23
6 I’ll Heal Your Body (Give It Up mix)
Positive 4:54
7 I Pray (The Underground Solution mix)
Alisha Warren 4:40
8 Color of My Skin (Swing to the 2nd Color mix)
Swing 52 feat. Arnold Jarvis 4:36
9 The Vibe (deep mix)
Pimp Daddies 2:35
10 If You Should Need a Friend (Fire Island club mix)
Fire Island feat. Mark Anthoni 5:56
11 It’s Time for Love (Morales club mix)
Kim English 5:18
12 Apparently Nothin’ (K-Klassic mix)
Carleen Anderson 2:35
13 Bounce to the Beat
Todd Terry 1:02
14 I Get Lifted (Underground Network mix)
Barbara Tucker 6:46
15 Message of Love (CJ’s original club mix)
Love Happy 6:47
CD 2
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Message of Love (C & C club Anthem mix)
Love Happy 6:59
2 God Made Me Phunky (X-Spress 2 Pitch Invasion mix)
The MD X‐Spress 5:56
3 Another Star (Roger’s Hard mix)
Kathy Sledge 5:10
4 If You Should Need a Friend (Sound Factory dub)
Fire Island feat. Mark Anthoni 2:06
5 I Get Lifted (Boyd Slam the Organ mix)
Barbara Tucker 6:46



DJ-mixer medium 1 and medium 2: C.J. Mackintosh
ASIN: UK: B000024HY9 [info]
Discogs: [info]