CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Innuendo
Queen 6:30
2 I'm Too Sexy
Right Said Fred 4.5 2:51
3 Change
Lisa Stansfield 4:16
4 She's Gone
Soulsister 3:23
5 Ice Ice Baby
Vanilla Ice 4.8 4:30
6 Let's Talk About Sex
Salt‐N‐Pepa 2 3:31
7 Because I Love You
Stevie B 3:46
8 Geef het op
Clouseau 2:47
9 Pray
MC Hammer 4:10
10 All The Man That I Need
Whitney Houston 3:52
11 Cry for Help
Rick Astley 4:12
12 Let There Be Love
Simple Minds 4:43
13 Just Say Hello
René Froger 3:54
14 James Brown Is Dead
L.A. Style 5:41
15 Move Any Mountain
The Shamen 3:24
16 Stap voor stap
Isabelle A 3:26
17 More Than Words
Extreme 5 3:42
18 Send Me an Angel
Scorpions 4 4:33
19 Mea Culpa
Enigma 4:48


CD 1

drums (drum set):
Herman Rarebell (drummer, Germany) (track 18)
bass guitar:
Francis Buchholz (track 18)
Phil Spalding (track 2)
Robert Manzoli (track 2)
electric guitar:
Matthias Jabs (track 18)
electric guitar [rhythm guitar]:
Rudolf Schenker (track 18)
Tommy D. (track 2)
assistant engineer:
Attie Bauw (track 18)
Albert Boekholt (track 18)
Tom Fletcher (Engineer) (track 18)
Shay Baby (track 18)
background vocals:
Fingerprints (track 6)
Alpha, Omega (US rapper) (track 6)
Fingerprints (track 6)
David Bowie (track 5)
M. Smooth (90s US rapper) (track 5)
John Deacon (track 5)
Michael Gore (track 10)
Brian May (Queen guitarist) (track 5)
Freddie Mercury (track 5)
Dean Pitchford (track 10)
Rudolf Schenker (track 18)
Roger Taylor (Queen drummer) (track 5)
Robert Brown (Floyd Brown) (track 5)
Vanilla Ice (track 5)
Graham Bonnett (Sound Engineer) (track 2)
Keith Olsen (US producer and engineer) (track 18)
Erwin Musper (track 18)
guest keyboard:
Jim Vallance (track 18)
lead vocals:
Richard Fairbrass (track 2)
Klaus Meine (track 18)
Fingerprints (track 6)
M. Smooth (90s US rapper) (track 5)
Robert Brown (Floyd Brown) (track 5)
Klaus Meine (track 18)
Vanilla Ice (track 5)
Keith Olsen (US producer and engineer) (track 18)
Shay Baby (track 18)
Erwin Musper (track 18)
Fingerprints (track 6)
The Invincibles (Production Team) (track 6)
Scorpions (German rock band) (track 18)
Keith Olsen (US producer and engineer) (track 18)
Vanilla Ice (track 5)
Tommy D. (track 2)
Tommy D. (track 2)
Vanilla Ice (track 5)
Rick Astley (English singer, songwriter and radio personality) (track 11)
Nuno Bettencourt (track 17)
Charlie Burchill (track 12)
Gary Cherone (track 17)
Curly M.C. (track 19)
John Deacon (track 1)
Ian Devaney (track 3)
Fred Fairbrass (track 2)
Richard Fairbrass (track 2)
David Fairstein (track 19)
Rob Fisher (British keyboardist and half of the 80s synthpop duo Naked Eyes) (track 11)
Jim Kerr (of Simple Minds) (track 12)
Robert Manzoli (track 2)
Brian May (Queen guitarist) (track 1)
Freddie Mercury (track 1)
Andy Morris (former member of Blue Zone (UK), worked with Lisa Stansfield) (track 3)
Lisa Stansfield (track 3)
Roger Taylor (Queen drummer) (track 1)
phonographic copyright by:
Capitol Records, LLC (not for release label use!) (1990) (track 5)
Island Def Jam Music Group (use “Island” or “Def Jam Recordings” labels rather than this record company) (1990) (track 18)
Aftershock Music (track 5)
BMG Rights Management GmbH (not for release label use!) (track 18)
EMI Publishing Ltd. (track 12)
Ice Baby Music (track 5)
QPM Music Inc. (track 5)
Queen Music Ltd. (tracks 1, 5)
Sony/ATV Songs LLC (track 5)
mixed at:
recorded at:
edit of:
Cry for Help by Rick Astley (track 11)
Pumped Up Baby by G3RSt (track 5)
Under Ice by Stark Effect (track 5)
sampled by:
Ice Ice Bacon by Trotters (track 5)
Pushin' Ice by Malice (track 5)
is based on:
Under Pressure (track 5)
is the basis for:
later parody versions:
More Than My Dick (track 17)
More Than Works (track 17)
Nice Iced Pavement (track 5)
later translated parody versions:
Muérdelo (track 17)
later translated versions:
I’m Too Sexy (Italian version) (track 2)
I’m Too Sexy (Spanish version) (track 2)
part of:
We Will Rock You (German version of the Queen musical) (track 1)
We Will Rock You (Queen musical) (track 1)
recording of:
Change (track 3)
Cry for Help (track 11)
Ice Ice Baby (track 5)
Innuendo (track 1)
I’m Too Sexy (track 2)
Let There Be Love (track 12)
Mea Culpa (track 19)
More Than Words (track 17)
Send Me an Angel (Scorpions song) (track 18)
referred to in medleys:
Riff Off (track 6)