12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 It’s Time The Faith 3 ?:??
A2 Face to Face The Faith ?:??
A3 Trapped The Faith ?:??
A4 In Control The Faith ?:??
A5 Another Victim The Faith 4 ?:??
A6 What’s Wrong With Me? The Faith 4 ?:??
A7 What You Think The Faith ?:??
A8 Confusion The Faith ?:??
A9 You’re X’d The Faith ?:??
A10 Nightmare The Faith ?:??
A11 Don’t Tell Me The Faith ?:??
A12 In the Black The Faith ?:??
B1 Who Are You? Void ?:??
B2 Time to Die Void ?:??
B3 Condensed Flesh Void ?:??
B4 Ignorant People Void ?:??
B5 Change Places Void ?:??
B6 Ask Them Why Void ?:??
B7 Organized Sports Void ?:??
B8 My Rules Void ?:??
B9 Self Defense Void ?:??
B10 War Hero Void ?:??
B11 Think Void ?:??
B12 Explode Void ?:??


12" Vinyl 1

drums (drum set):
Ivor Hanson (tracks A1–A12)
bass guitar:
Chris Bald (tracks A1–A12)
Sean Finnegan (tracks B1–B12)
Bubba Dupree (tracks B1–B12)
Michael Hampton (DC Punk Guitarist) (tracks A1–A12)
Chris Stover (punk bassist) (tracks B1–B12)
Don Zientara (tracks A1–B12)
Faith (80s USA hardcore punk) (tracks A1–A12)
Ian MacKaye (tracks A1–A12)
Jeff Nelson (tracks A1–A12)
Don Zientara (tracks A1–A12)
Faith (80s USA hardcore punk) (tracks A1–A12)
Ian MacKaye (tracks A1–B12)
Jeff Nelson (tracks A1–B12)
Bert Queiroz (tracks B1–B12)
Void (American punk band) (tracks B1–B12)
Don Zientara (tracks A1–B12)
Alec MacKaye (tracks A1–A12)
John Weiffenbach (tracks B1–B12)
Bubba Dupree (track B1)
Sean Finnegan (track B1)
Chris Stover (punk bassist) (track B1)
John Weiffenbach (track B1)
compiled in:
Who Are You?/Time to Die by Void (order: 1) (track B1)
Who Are You?/Time to Die by Void (order: 2) (track B2)
recording of:
Who Are You? (Void) (track B1)
You’re X’d (track A9)