886975219025 is the german deluxe edition with a bonus CD (Theme Time Radio) and DVD (interview).

Credits entered incompletely:
David Spreng and Rafael Serrano actually are Pro Tools engineers.
Coco Shinomiya actually did package design.

Contains the following songs:

1. Porter Wagoner & The Wagonmasters- Howdy Neighbor
2. Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Don't Take Everybody to Be Your Friend
3. T Bone Burnett - Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend
4. Doc Guidry - La Valse de Amitie
5. Moon Mulligan - Make Friends
6. Jerry McCain - My Next Door Neighbor
7. George Jones & Melba Montgomery- Let's Invite Them Over
8. Howlin' Wolf - My Friends
9. Little Walter - Last Night
10. Carole King - You've Got a Friend
11. Ronnie & The Delinquents - Bad Neighborhood
12. The Rolling Stones - Neighbours
13. Hank Williams as Luke the Drifter - Too Many Parties and Too Many Pals
14. War - Why Can't We Be Friends

Rob Macomber actually was supervising engineer.
Ellen Barkin actually is credited as Nighttime in the Big City by Ellen Barkin. She announces the show.
Bob Dylan actually hosts the show.

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Beyond Here Lies Nothin' 5 3:50
2 Life Is Hard 3:39
3 My Wife's Home Town 4:15
4 If You Ever Go to Houston 5:49
5 Forgetful Heart 3:42
6 Jolene 3:51
7 This Dream of You 4 5:54
8 Shake Shake Mama 3:37
9 I Feel a Change Comin' On 5:25
10 It's All Good 5:28
CD 2: Theme Time Radio Hour With Your Host Bob Dylan: Friends & Neighbors
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 [untitled] Various Artists 1:00:16


CD 1

Bob Dylan (tracks 1–2, 4–10)
Willie Dixon (2009) (track 3)
Bob Dylan (2009) (track 3)
Bob Dylan (tracks 1–2, 4–10)
Robert Hunter (American lyricist, non-performing member of the Grateful Dead) (tracks 1–2, 4–6, 8–10)
Bob Dylan (2009) (track 3)
Robert Hunter (American lyricist, non-performing member of the Grateful Dead) (2009) (track 3)
Bob Dylan (track 9)
Robert Hunter (American lyricist, non-performing member of the Grateful Dead) (track 9)
Ice Nine Publishing Company, Inc. (tracks 1–6, 8–10)
Special Rider Music (tracks 1–5, 7–9)
part of:
recording of:
Forgetful Heart (track 5)
It's All Good (track 10)
Jolene (track 6)
Life Is Hard (track 2)
Shake, Shake Mama (track 8)
This Dream of You (track 7)


design/illustration:Coco Shinomiya
photography:Danny Clinch (photographer)
Bruce Davidson (photographer)
Josef Koudelka (photographer)
additional mixer and additional recording engineer:Bil Lane
Rich Tosi
mixer and recording engineer:David Bianco (American engineer and record producer)
engineer:Rob Macomber
Damian Rodriguez
Rafael Serrano
David Spreng
producer:Jack Frost (pseudonym for Bob Dylan)
Eddie Gorodetsky
mastering:Eddy Schreyer (US mastering engineer)
accordion and guitar:David Hidalgo
banjo, mandolin, steel guitar and trumpet:Donnie Herron
bass:Tony Garnier (American bassist)
guitar and keyboard and vocals:Bob Dylan
guitar and mandolin:Mike Campbell (worked with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)
membranophone:George Recile
other vocals:Ellen Barkin
Bob Dylan
ASIN:US: B001VNB57C [info]