CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 La donna è mobile Andrea Bocelli 2:16
2 Di quella pira Andrea Bocelli 2:16
3 Ave Maria (Central Park Version) Andrea Bocelli 4:46
4 Vicino a te s'acqueta Andrea Bocelli duet with Ana María Martínez 8:15
5 Au fond du Temple Saint Andrea Bocelli duet with Bryn Terfel 5:57
6 O soave fanciulla Andrea Bocelli duet with Pretty Yende 4:06
7 Libiamo ne' lieti calici Andrea Bocelli with Pretty Yende, Bryn Terfel & Ana María Martínez 3:12
8 Amazing Grace Andrea Bocelli 4:23
9 New York, New York Andrea Bocelli duet with Tony Bennett 3:28
10 The prayer Andrea Bocelli duet with Céline Dion, David Foster on piano 4:31
11 More (Ti guarderò nel cuore) Andrea Bocelli with Chris Botti on trumpet, David Foster on piano 3:49
12 Your love (Once upon a time in the west) Andrea Bocelli 3:48
13 Nel blu, dipinto di blu (Volare) Andrea Bocelli with David Foster on piano 3:24
14 Funiculì funiculà Andrea Bocelli with Andrea Griminelli on flute 2:36
15 En Aranjuez con tu amor Andrea Bocelli with Nicola Benedetti on violin 3:35
16 Time to say goodbye Andrea Bocelli duet with Ana María Martínez 4:15
17 Nessun dorma Andrea Bocelli 4:07


CD 1

dedicated to:
Chris Botti (2011-09-15) (track 11)
David Foster (Canadian music producer, arranger and composer) (2011-09-15) (tracks 10–11, 13)
additional arranger:
William Ross (track 9)
additional composer:
additional lyricist:
Frank Peterson (track 16)
Jay Althouse (track 8)
Don Costa (US pop music arranger & producer) (track 9)
David Foster (Canadian music producer, arranger and composer) (tracks 10–11, 13)
Lorin Maazel (conductor) (track 15)
William Ross (tracks 8, 10, 12–13, 16)
Renato Serio (track 3)
Chris Valden (track 11)
baritone vocals:
Bryn Terfel (bass-baritone opera singer) (2011-09-15) (tracks 5, 7)
choir vocals:
Westminster Symphonic Choir (Princeton, USA) (2011-09-15) (tracks 14, 16–17)
chorus master:
Joe Miller (choir conductor) (2011-09-15) (tracks 14, 16–17)
Carole Bayer Sager (track 10)
Domenico Modugno (track 13)
Luigi Denza (composer) (track 14)
John Kander (track 9)
Ennio Morricone (composer) (track 12)
Nino Oliviero (Italian musician and composer) (track 11)
Riz Ortolani (track 11)
Francesco Sartori (track 16)
Franz Schubert (Austrian composer Franz Peter Schubert) (track 3)
Giuseppe Verdi (Italian opera composer) (track 7)
[anonymous] (Special Purpose Artist) (track 8)
Giuseppe Verdi (Italian opera composer) (– 1851-03-11) (track 1)
Giuseppe Verdi (Italian opera composer) (1853) (track 2)
Georges Bizet (French romantic composer) (1863-04 – 1863-08) (track 5)
Giacomo Puccini (Italian composer) (1896) (track 6)
Giacomo Puccini (Italian composer) (1921-03 – 1924-03) (track 17)
Joaquín Rodrigo (Spanish composer and virtuoso pianist) (1968) (track 15)
David Foster (Canadian music producer, arranger and composer) (track 10)
Alan Gilbert (conductor) (2011-09-15) (tracks 1–17)
lead vocals:
Céline Dion (2011-09-15) (track 10)
Giuseppe Adami (track 17)
Michel Carré (librettist) (track 5)
Eugène Cormon (track 5)
Luigi Illica (track 6)
Renato Simoni (track 17)
Francesco Maria Piave (– 1851-03-11) (track 1)
Salvadore Cammarano (Italian librettist) (1853) (track 2)
Giuseppe Giacosa (1896) (track 6)
Carole Bayer Sager (track 10)
Fred Ebb (track 9)
Franco Migliacci (track 13)
Domenico Modugno (track 13)
John Newton (English poet) (track 8)
Lucio Quarantotto (track 16)
Maria Travia (track 12)
Peppino Turco (track 14)
[anonymous] (Special Purpose Artist) (track 3)
Frank Filipetti (tracks 1–17)
The New York Philharmonic (2011-09-15) (tracks 1–17)
David Frost (pianist and Grammy-winning producer of classical recordings) (tracks 1–4, 6–17)
Alfred Music (publisher of sheet music for music education) (track 8)
recording engineer:
Frank Filipetti (2011-09-15) (tracks 1–17)
soprano vocals:
Ana María Martínez (soprano) (2011-09-15) (tracks 4, 7)
Pretty Yende (2011-09-15) (tracks 6–7)
tenor vocals:
Andrea Bocelli (tenor) (2011-09-15) (tracks 1–17)
Norman Newell (track 11)
Audrey Stainton (track 12)
Tony Renis (track 10)
Alberto Testa (track 10)
Tony Bennett (US jazz/standards vocalist) (2011-09-15) (track 9)
[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist) (track 8)
Curci (track 13)
Unart Music Corp. (track 9)
United Artists (track 9)
Universal Classics & Jazz (Japanese company - read the annotation before using!) (track 8)
Universal Music Publishing Group Japan (work publisher - do NOT use as a release label) (track 8)
Warner‐Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (publisher; do NOT use as release label) (track 10)
ヤマハミュージックエンタテインメントホールディングス (holding company - do not use as release label) (tracks 9–10)
recorded at:
Central Park in Manhattan, New York, New York, United States (2011-09-15) (tracks 1–17)
part of:
Grammy Award: Song of the Year nominees (number: 1959 winner) (order: 1) (track 13)
Amazing Grace (Mark O’Connor arrangement) (track 8)
Amazing Grace (Justin Bolger, O.P. arrangement) (track 8)
Amazing Grace (Destiny's Child version) (track 8)
Amazing Grace (arrangement by Himes of the hymn, for brass band) (track 8)
Amazing Grace (Keith McCutchen's ~2005 arrangement of the hymn) (track 8)
Amazing Grace (arr. Daniel Lanois) (track 8)
Amazing Grace (John Rutter's arrangement of the popular hymn) (track 8)
Amazing Grace (Yes arrangement) (track 8)
Amazing Grace (Ernie Rettino/Debby Kerner Rettino arrangement) (track 8)
Amazing Grace (Mullaney and Abbott's arrangement of the hym, ~1972) (track 8)
Amazing Grace (for wind ensemble, Maldonado) (track 8)
Amazing Grace (for piano, Walden) (track 8)
Au fond du temple saint from Les Pêcheurs de perles (for violin, viola and piano, Loeb) (track 5)
Ave Maria (arr. Hazell) (track 3)
Ave Maria (The Priests arrangement) (track 3)
En Aranjuez con tu amor (catch-all for arrangements) (track 15)
Funiculì, funiculà (for band, Reed) (track 14)
La donna è mobile (arr. Litten) (track 1)
Nessun Dorma (track 17)
Nessun dorma (for brass band, arr. Snell) (track 17)
Rigoletto: Atto III. “La donna è mobile” (Duca) (catch-all for arrangements) (track 1)
Rigoletto: La donna è mobile (per quartetto d'archi) (track 1)
Turandot: Atto III, Scena I. Aria “Nessun dorma” (Calaf) (catch-all for arrangements) (track 17)
アメイジング・グレイス (Flute Ensemble Triptyque arrangement) (track 8)
アメイジング・グレイス (Michiaki Kato Arrangement) (track 8)
フニクリ・フニクラ (translated) (track 14)
is based on:
C’era una volta il West (main theme) (track 12)
is the basis for:
Amazing Grace (Jonathan Richman’s version) (track 8)
Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) (track 8)
Ave Maria (track 3)
Grace Like Rain (track 8)
Nessun dorma (Rapsody, rap song very loosely based on Puccini's Turandot) (track 17)
Puff von Barcelona (track 14)
仁愛的心 (track 8)
later parody versions:
Borås, Borås (track 9)
later translated versions:
El nostre heroi (track 17)
Going to Win (track 17)
Hear My Prayer (English translation of Nessun dorma) (track 17)
I det blå (track 13)
So a Segen (track 8)
Volare (Nel blu dipinto di blu) (english lyrics) (track 13)
おにのパンツ (track 14)
ヴォラーレ (track 13)
later versions:
Amazing Grace (Heinz Gietz's arrangement of the hymn, ~1979) (track 8)
Amazing Grace (incl. 4th verse by Beecher-Stowe) (track 8)
live recording of:
Amazing Grace (popular hymn first published 1779, catch-all) (2011-09-15) (track 8)
Ave Maria (Schubert’s Ave Maria: Latin “Ave Maria” text sung to the tune of ‘Ellens Gesang III, op. 52 no. 6, D. 839 “Ave Maria”’) (2011-09-15) (track 3)
En Aranjuez con tu amor (2011-09-15) (track 15)
Funiculì, funiculà (2011-09-15) (track 14)
More (English translation) (2011-09-15) (track 11)
Nel blu dipinto di blu (Volare) (2011-09-15) (track 13)
The Prayer (2011-09-15) (track 10)
Theme From New York, New York (2011-09-15) (track 9)
Time to Say Goodbye (version with predominantly Italian lyrics, except for the phrase “time to say goodbye”) (2011-09-15) (track 16)
Your love (2011-09-15) (track 12)
part of:
La traviata: Atto I (order: 2) (track 7)
Rigoletto: Atto III (number) (order: 2) (track 1)
Turandot: Atto III (order: 2) (track 17)
Les Pêcheurs de perles: Acte I. (order: 5) (track 5)
Il trovatore: Atto III. Il figlio della zingara (number) (order: 9) (track 2)
La bohème: Atto I (order: 16) (track 6)
referred to in medleys:
4 Chords (Unicante 2013 version) (track 16)
Hooked on a Song (track 14)
Waarheen, waarvoor (Mieke Telkamp song) (track 8)
Italiaanse medley (André Hazes medley on 'n Vriend) (order: 1) (track 13)
Barcelona Games Medley (order: 2) (track 7)
Opera Mortis (order: 2) (track 17)
Dean Martin medley (order: 3) (track 13)
Sean Connery’s Greatest Hits (order: 3) (track 9)
Spaghetti mix (order: 7) (track 13)
NYC Medley (order: 8) (track 9)
Barcelona Games Medley (order: 15) (track 1)
Barcelona Games Medley (order: 16) (track 2)
translated version of:
Con te partirò (completely Italian lyrics; no “time to say goodbye”) (track 16)
Prayer (track 10)
version of:
Ellens Gesang III, op. 52 no. 6, D. 839 “Ave Maria” (Schubert's song, not the Bach/Gounod work) (track 3)


manufactured in:the EU
photography:Giovanni De Sandre (photographer)
executive producer:David Horn
Filippo Sugar
copyrighted by:Sugar S.r.l. (in 2011)
licensed to:Universal International Music B.V. (company, do not use as label)
ASIN:UK: B0059563NY [info]