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CD 1: Mr. Where Is Viet Nam
1Where Have All the Flowers Gone
The Kingston Trio3:22
2Soldier Boy
recording of:
Soldier Boy
Luther Dixon, Bob Elgin, Florence Greenberg and Kay Rogers
part of:
Baby It’s You! (jukebox musical, book by Floyd Mutrux and Colin Escott)
The Shirelles2:41
3Soldier's Plea
Marvin Gaye2:42
4Letter to a Buddie
Joe Medwick3:41
5Soldiers Who Want to Be Heroes
Rod McKuen2:08
6The Cruel War
Peter, Paul & Mary3:28
7The Infiltration Blues
Dolf Droge2:26
8President Eisenhower Warns of a "Military Industrial Complex"
[no artist]0:24
9Masters of War
recording of:
Masters of War
lyricist and composer:
Bob Dylan (in 1963-01)
Warner/Chappell (from 1963 until 1991) and Special Rider Music (from 1991 to present)
version of:
Nottamun Town (Fair Nottamun Town / Nottamun Fair)
Bob Dylan4:32
10Distant Drums
recording of:
Distant Drums (1961 song)
lyricist and composer:
Cindy Walker (US songwriter, singer and dancer)
Jim Reeves2:53
11Senator Wayne Morse: "We're at War in Violation of the Constitution..."
[no artist]0:24
12There's a War
Morty Gunty2:32
13President Johnson Reports Attacks in the Gulf of Tonkin
[no artist]1:28
14What Did You Learn in School Today
Paul Rothchild
banjo, guitar [2nd guitar] and harmonica:
Barry Kornfeld (in 1964)
Tom Paxton (singer-songwriter) (in 1964)
guitarrón mexicano [guitarron]:
Felix Pappalardi (in 1964)
Tom Paxton (singer-songwriter) (in 1964)
recording of:
What Did You Learn in School Today (in 1964)
lyricist and composer:
Tom Paxton (singer-songwriter)
Tom Paxton1:45
15Mr. Where Is Viet Nam
Bob Necaise & Lil Gary "D"3:21
16Talking Viet Nam
Phil Ochs3:36
17Our Daddy's in Viet Nam
Sandy & Sue2:16
18The Willing Conscript
recording of:
The Willing Conscript
lyricist and composer:
Tom Paxton (singer-songwriter)
Pete Seeger2:13
19Good Bye High School (Hello Viet Nam)
Tommy Dee2:29
20Teenage Soldier Boy
Janie Hemphill with The Tynsions2:38
21Universal Soldier
recording of:
The Universal Soldier
lyricist and composer:
Buffy Sainte‐Marie
Buffy Sainte‐Marie2:15
22The Universal Coward
Jan Berry3:04
23Eve of Destruction
recording of:
Eve of Destruction (in 1965)
lyricist and composer:
P.F. Sloan
Barry McGuire4.53:33
24The Dawn of Correction
The Spokesmen3:26
25We Ain't at War
26Lyndon Johnson Told the Nation
Paul Rothchild
banjo and guitar [2nd guitar]:
Barry Kornfeld
Felix Pappalardi
Tom Paxton (singer-songwriter)
Tom Paxton (singer-songwriter)
Tom Paxton3:04
277 O'Clock News/Silent Night
recording of:
7 O’Clock News/Silent Night
Paul Simon (of Simon & Garfunkel)
revision of:
Silent Night
Simon & Garfunkel2:14
28Christmas in Viet Nam
Private Charles & the Bowens3:12
CD 2: Proud to Serve
1Marching Off to War
William Bell3:17
2Battle of Viet Nam
Jimmy Jack2:25
3The Battle of Viet Nam
Hal Willis2:24
4Hello Viet Nam
Johnnie Wright3:08
5Hello Viet Nam (Goodbye My Love)
Ray Hildebrand2:08
6It's for God, and Country, and You Mom (The Ballad of Viet Nam)
Ernest Tubb & The Texas Troubadours3:25
7Fightin' for the USA
Jerry Reed2:12
8This Is a Useless War
Charlie Moore & Bill Napier2:03
9The Ballad of the Green Berets
phonographic copyright by:
Biem (international rights organization representing member societies from 58 countries) (in 1992, in 1993) and Stemra (Netherlands rights society for composers and music publishers) (in 1992, in 1993)
cover recording of:
The Ballad of the Green Berets
Robin Moore (Robert Lowell Moore, Jr.) and SSG Barry Sadler, U.S. Army Special Forces
SSG Barry Sadler, U.S. Army Special Forces2:29
10SSgt. Barry Sadler Interviewed
[no artist]2:33
11He Wore the Green Beret
Lesley Miller2:19
12The Son of a Green Beret (A Child's Ballad of the Green Beret)
Craig Arthur2:07
13The "A" Team
SSG Barry Sadler, U.S. Army Special Forces2:07
14Marine's Ballad
Staff Sgt. Bob Lay (USMC)2:32
15Mind Your Manners Boys
Jacqueline Sharpe3:05
16CBS's Morley Safre With Marines at the Village of Cam Ne
[no artist]2:22
17Off to Viet Nam (In the Green)
Skeeter Bonn2:40
18Soldier in Viet Nam
Sue Simpson3:11
19Postmarked at Viet Nam
June Black2:12
20A Fearless Soldier
Mike Thomas3:32
21Gallant Men
Senator Everett McKinley Dirksen2:41
22Bob Hope Introduces Honey Ltd. While on Tour in Viet Nam
[no artist]0:14
23The Warrior
Honey Ltd.2:54
24Private Wilson White
recording of:
Private Wilson White
lyricist and composer:
Marty Robbins
Marty Robbins3:16
25Danny Fernandez
Eddy Harrison2:04
26Sky Pilot (part 1)
Eric Burdon & the Animals2:00
27The Medic
Neil Ray2:56
28Nurse in the U.S. Army Corps
Connie Francis1:15
29Brave Men Not Afraid
Bob Braun with The Hometowners2:36
30U.S. Ambassador to Viet Nam, Henry Cabot Lodge
[no artist]0:17
31When the Green Berets Come Home
Capt. Ty Herrington, U.S. Army Special Forces2:48
CD 3: Greetings (Uncle Sam Wants You)
1Uncle Sam Called Me (I Got to Go)
Arthur Weston4:08
2Greetings (Uncle Sam Wants You)
Shorty Long & The Santa Fe Rangers2:08
3Here Comes Uncle Sam
Richie Kaye3:20
J.B. Lenoir2:40
5The Ballad of Our Times
Bob King & the King's Court2:39
6President Johnson Warns That "There Will Be Some Nervous Nellies"
[no artist]0:26
7Hey! Uncle Sam
The Combinations2:52
8I Gotta Go to Viet Nam
John Lee Hooker4:23
9Uncle Sam
Jimmy Hughes2:30
10Fightin' for Sam
The Prophets2:57
11The Draft Dodger Rag
Phil Ochs2:10
12Draft Time Blues
The Midnight Sons2:25
13Greetings (This Is Uncle Sam)
The Monitors3:03
14Conscientious Objector
Keith Everett2:38
15My Uncle
recording of:
My Uncle
Chris Hillman and Gram Parsons
The Flying Burrito Brothers2:38
16David McReynolds Explains Why He Burned His Draft Card
[no artist]0:40
17Draft Resister
18The First Draft Lottery Birth Date Is Announced
[no artist]0:29
19The Red, White and Blue
Verlin "Red" Speeks3:12
20PSA to Parents From Bing Crosby
[no artist]0:30
21An Open Letter to My Teenage Son
Victor Lundberg4:08
22A Letter to Dad
Every Father's Teenage Son2:55
23Letter From a Teenage Son
Brandon Wade2:53
24Please Mr. Johnson
Dewey Jones2:39
25Little Becky's Christmas Wish
Becky Lamb3:07
26Wish You Were Here With Me
The Fawns3:01
27Army Bound
Lois & Karen2:38
28I Will Wait
Nancy Nally & Jubilee Wranglers2:44
29What's Been Going on in Viet Nam
Ginger & Jean1:58
30Does Anybody Know I'm Here
The Dells3:16
CD 4: Hell No - We Won't Go
CD 5: It's America, Love It or Leave It
CD 6: War Is Hell
CD 7: "In Country" Voices
CD 8: Peace Now
CD 9: Searching for Closure
CD 10: Beyond the Wall
CD 11: In the Rear View Mirror
CD 12: Vets Look Back
CD 13: Vietnam's After Effects