This is the first part of an extended journey through out the soundscape of the deep & darker side of electronic music. First out is Vol. 1 that will function as an ambient intro into a more evolved Vol. 2! This new mix series will continue to evolve into more and more uptempo beats in each and every new Volume, until we have reached the whole soundspectra of the psy-chill genre.

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Digital Media 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 This Tongue Thing's Amazing (DJ River intro edit)
Steve Jablonsky ?:??
2 Matta
Brian Eno ?:??
3 Vapour
Code Indigo ?:??
4 Vapour Trails
Code Indigo ?:??
5 Minimalistic Overchill
Minimalistic Source ?:??
6 Stars
Brian Eno ?:??
7 Spririt Breath
Steffe ?:??
8 Lizard Point
Brian Eno ?:??
9 Symbolism
Delerium ?:??
10 Vapour Tales
Code Indigo ?:??
11 Psychedelic Brunch Part VI (DJ River edit)
Pete Namlook, Klaus Schulze & Bill Laswell ?:??
12 Tranquilo (Immer-Tag-7-mix)
Fischmob ?:??
13 3am Somewhere Out of Beaumont
The KLF ?:??
14 Trinity (DJ River edit)
Asura ?:??
15 Best Before
Akanoid ?:??
16 Trinity (DJ River edit) [Continues]
Asura ?:??


Digital Media 1

Peter Green (former member of Fleetwood Mac) (track 13)
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