CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Dois mundos
Phil Collins 3:20
2 No meu coração você vai sempre estar
Phil Collins 1:36
3 Grande homem
Phil Collins 2:43
4 Estragando o acampamento
Phil Collins 2:16
5 Estranhos como eu
Phil Collins 3:01
6 Dois mundos (reprise)
Phil Collins 0:51
7 Trashin’ the Camp
Phil Collins feat. *NSYNC 2:22
8 No meu coração você vai sempre estar
Phil Collins 4:18
9 Dois mundos
Phil Collins 2:43
10 Um lugar maravilhoso (partitura)
Mark Mancina 5:16
11 Se mexe como um macaco, se vê como um homem (partitura)
Mark Mancina 2:57
12 Os gorilas (partitura)
Mark Mancina 4:28
13 Uma família (partitura)
Mark Mancina 3:49
14 Dois mundos (final)
Phil Collins 1:16
15 You'll Be in My Heart
Phil Collins 3 4:18


CD 1

acoustic guitar:
Rob Cavallo (track 15)
electric bass guitar:
John Pierce (US session bassist) (track 15)
strings arranger:
David Campbell (US based Canadian violinist, composer, conductor and arranger) (track 15)
synthesizer programming:
Marc Mann (track 7)
Mark Goldenberg (track 15)
Tim Pierce (track 15)
Michael Thompson (session guitarist) (track 15)
Luis Conte (track 15)
keyboard and piano:
Jamie Mohuberac (track 15)
additional percussion:
Will Donovan (track 15)
Phil Collins (of Genesis) (tracks 7, 15)
Don Loren Harper (L.A. based film composer / The Lion King 1½) (tracks 10–13)
lead vocals:
Phil Collins (of Genesis) (track 15)
Phil Collins (of Genesis) (track 15)
Chris Lord‐Alge (track 15)
Rob Cavallo (track 15)
Phil Collins (of Genesis) (tracks 7, 15)
Kim Bullard (track 15)
Carmen Rizzo (track 15)
recording engineer:
Elliot Scheiner (track 15)
Phil Collins (of Genesis) (tracks 7, 15)
*NSYNC (US boy band) (track 7)
Walt Disney Music Company, Inc. (music publisher, do not use as release label) (track 15)
later translated versions:
Dir gehört mein Herz ("You'll Be in My Heart", German version) (track 15)
En mi corazón vivirás ("You'll Be in My Heart", Spanish version) (track 15)
Jij woont in mijn hart ("You'll Be in My Heart", Dutch version) (track 15)
recording of:
Trashin' the Camp (track 7)
referred to in medleys:
Tarzan Medley (The Legacy Collection: Disneyland) (track 15)