CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Wow
Thomas Newman 2:31
2 Barracuda
Thomas Newman 1:29
3 Nemo Egg (main title)
Thomas Newman 1:16
4 First Day
Thomas Newman 1:16
5 Field Trip
Thomas Newman 0:58
6 Mr. Ray, Scientist
Thomas Newman 1:28
7 The Divers
Thomas Newman 1:57
8 Lost
Thomas Newman 1:03
9 Short-Term Dory
Thomas Newman 0:44
10 Why Trust a Shark?
Thomas Newman 1:17
11 Friends Not Food
Thomas Newman 1:52
12 Fish-o-Rama
Thomas Newman 0:29
13 Gill
Thomas Newman 1:41
14 Mt. Wannahockaloogie
Thomas Newman 1:21
15 Foolproof
Thomas Newman 0:32
16 Squishy
Thomas Newman 1:33
17 Jellyfish Forest
Thomas Newman 1:32
18 Stay Awake
Thomas Newman 1:47
19 School of Fish
Thomas Newman 1:04
20 Filter Attempt
Thomas Newman 2:06
21 The Turtle Lope
Thomas Newman 2:05
22 Curl Away My Son
Thomas Newman 1:28
23 News Travels
Thomas Newman 1:14
24 The Little Clownfish From the Reef
Thomas Newman 1:16
25 Darla Filth Offramp
Thomas Newman 2:23
26 Lost in Fog
Thomas Newman 1:06
27 Scum Angel
Thomas Newman 1:22
28 Haiku
Thomas Newman 1:41
29 Time to Let Go
Thomas Newman 2:23
30 Sydney Harbour
Thomas Newman 0:28
31 Pelicans
Thomas Newman 1:13
32 Drill
Thomas Newman 0:51
33 Fish in My Hair!
Thomas Newman 1:30
34 All Drains Lead to the Ocean
Thomas Newman 1:36
35 …P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney…
Thomas Newman 0:39
36 Fishing Grounds
Thomas Newman 1:42
37 Swim Down
Thomas Newman 1:47
38 Finding Nemo
Thomas Newman 1:19
39 Fronds Like These
Thomas Newman 1:58
40 Beyond the Sea
Robbie Williams 4:27


CD 1

assistant editor:
Michael Zainer (tracks 1–39)
Charles Trenet (track 40)
Sid Page (tracks 1–39)
Thomas Newman (film composer) (tracks 1–39)
Bill Bernstein (tracks 1–39)
Jack Lawrence (US songwriter) (track 40)
Tommy Vicari (tracks 1–39)
Thomas Pasatieri (tracks 1–39)
Thomas Newman (film composer) (tracks 1–39)
Bill Bernstein (tracks 1–39)
recorded by:
Dennis Sands (tracks 9–10, 16–18)
Armin Steiner (tracks 1–39)
Tommy Vicari (tracks 1–39)
cover recording of:
Beyond the Sea (track 40)
version of:
La Mer (Charles Trenet song) (track 40)


clarinet [B-flat clarinet]: Steve Tavaglione
clarinet [processed clarinets]: George Budd
other instruments [Live 2.0]: Steve Tavaglione
other instruments [baritone electric]: George Doering
Hammond organ [Hammond B3]: John Beasley
lyre: George Doering
effects [MO-FX]: Rick Cox
effects [fin]: Gary Rydstrom
effects [repeater]: Rick Cox
effects [water]: Gary Rydstrom
bajo sexto: George Doering
synthesizer [B4]: John Beasley
synthesizer [Waldorf Wave]: Rick Cox
prepared piano: John Beasley
cajón: Michael Fisher (Percussionist)
flute [flutes]: Steve Kujala
flute [processed flutes]: George Budd
tom-tom [floor toms]: Michael Fisher (Percussionist)
doyra [dayre]: Michael Fisher (Percussionist)
brass [randomized brass]: Steve Tavaglione
lap steel guitar [Bigsby lap steel]: Chas Smith
percussion [Jeep rims]: Michael Fisher (Percussionist)
percussion [metal sculptures]: Peter Engelhart
hammered dulcimer [bowed bass dulcimer]: George Doering
electronic instruments [Axis 8]: Rick Cox
Rhodes piano [Rhodes]: John Beasley
turntable(s) [Pro Scratch 1]: Steve Tavaglione
ukulele [Tahitian uke/banjo]: George Doering
piano: Thomas Newman (film composer)
frame drum [pandeiro]: Michael Fisher (Percussionist)
Wurlitzer electric piano [Wurlitzer]: John Beasley
art direction: Luis M. Fernández
design/illustration: Tiffany Quon
Marcella Wong
executive producer: Chris Montan
liner notes: Andrew Stanton
mastering: Joe Gastwirt
ASIN: US: B000095J94 [info]
Discogs: [info]