Firstly issued as 11 CD boxset, but the CD 12 ("Bonus CD") has been issued shortly after in the same year 1993 with the same catalog number (Sun Box 4-12).
Nevertheless the boxset "Classic Jerry Lee Lewis" (Bear Family Records, BCD 15420, 1989), contrary to the assertion of Charly Records (which added the CD 12 expressly for cover the recordings from BCD 15420, but this was achieved only partially), contains many recordings not included in "The Ultimate", or included as different kind (e.g., stereo instead of mono or with different overdubbing, different false start, etc.).
The sound mastering of "The Ultimate" is sometimes different to the one of the "Classic Jerry Lee Lewis". All stereo tracks of "The Ultimate" boxset are inverted as regards to the boxset "Classic Jerry Lee Lewis".

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CD 1: The Original Singles, Part 1
CD 2: The Original Singles, Part 2
CD 3: Country Roots
CD 4: Hillbilly Music
CD 5: Sixty Minute Man, R&B Roots
CD 6: Hits Re-defined (I Did 'Em My Way)
CD 7: Rarities, Not on CD
CD 8: More Rarities
CD 9: Unissued Takes, Vol. 1
CD 10: Pumpin' Piano Rock (Did I Write Some of 'Em?)
CD 11: Unissued Takes, Vol. 2
CD 12: Bonus CD



co-producer: Adam Komorowski (– 1993)
Joop Visser (– 1993)
compiler: Adam Komorowski (– 1993)
liner notes: Adam Komorowski (– 1992-07-27)
mastering: Andy Pearce (Mastering engineer) (– 1993)
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