CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Floorfiller
A★Teens 3:17
2 Have a Little Faith in Me
A★Teens 3:03
3 Shame Shame Shame
A★Teens 2:54
4 Let Your Heart Do All the Talking
A★Teens 3:27
5 A Perfect Match
A★Teens 3:03
6 The Letter
A★Teens 2:58
7 Cross My Heart
A★Teens 3:37
8 In the Blink of an Eye
A★Teens 3:33
9 School’s Out
A★Teens feat. Alice Cooper 3:05
10 Closer to Perfection
A★Teens 3:13
11 Shangri La
A★Teens 3:17
12 One Night in Bangkok
A★Teens 3:34
13 Can’t Help Falling in Love
A★Teens 3:07
14 Heartbreak Lullaby (ballad version)
A★Teens 4:11


CD 1

assistant mixer:
Dan Shike (track 13)
assistant producer:
Raz Kennedy (track 13)
Benny Andersson (ABBA) (track 12)
Grizzly (Gustav Jonsson) (track 1)
Tysper (track 1)
Björn Ulvaeus (track 12)
executive producer:
Jay Landers (track 13)
Chris Montan (track 13)
guest performer:
Alice Cooper (the musician Vincent Damon Furnier) (track 9)
Tim Rice (track 12)
F. Reid Shippen (track 13)
Mark Hammond (US drummer/producer/drum programmer) (track 13)
recorded by:
David Dillbeck (track 13)
Michael Bruce (of Alice Cooper) (track 9)
Glen Buxton (track 9)
Alice Cooper (the musician Vincent Damon Furnier) (track 9)
Luigi Creatore (track 13)
Dennis Dunaway (track 9)
Hugo Peretti (track 13)
Neal Smith (former Alice Cooper drummer) (track 9)
George David Weiss (track 13)
Ezra Music Corp. (track 9)
Intersong (German publisher) (track 13)
MCA Music (not for release label use! this is a music publisher) (track 12)
Opus 19 Music (track 9)
Third Palm Music (track 9)
cover recording of:
School’s Out (track 9)
later parody versions:
Wise Men Still (track 13)
later translated versions:
Comment ne pas être amoureux de vous ? (French translation transl) (track 13)
Todo irá bien (Spanish translation) (track 13)
好きにならずにいられない (“Can’t Help Falling in Love” Japanese version) (track 13)
later versions:
School’s Out (Daphne & Celeste version) (track 9)
part of:
Chess (full musical) (track 12)
recording of:
Floorfiller (track 1)

Release Group

associated singles/EPs: Floorfiller by A★Teens
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