FROM.UZ is back in 2011! 10T Records announces the release of the brand new double CD/DVD combo, “Quartus Artifactus,” by FROM.UZ on May 16, 2011, with a retail street date release to follow on June 21. The boys from Uzbekistan are back with this new release to once again showcase their amazing musical skills in a new collection of performance tracks.

“Quartus Artifactus” is a collection of songs from all three of the band’s previous releases, “Audio Diplomacy”, “Overlook” and “Seventh Story” – newly arranged and played in a prog-chamber format, with a less electric, more acoustic sound. The album includes a full concert DVD, with behind the scenes supplemental material and 2 CDs of the individual tracks. The sound is a gentler, friendlier, but retains the intensity of the originals while bringing in some beautiful acoustic interpretations.

“Live performance is where really explode and take on a whole new vitality,” says 10T Records president, Steve Carroll. “This collection takes their best material and puts a great new twist on it by paring it down to primarily acoustic instrumentation, bringing a softer, more intimate atmosphere to the table, without sacrificing any of the fire or complexity.”

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Stone Salad
5 13:26
2 Familiarization Results
5 7:45
3 Harry Heller Theater
5 12:11
4 Perfect Place
5 1:37
5 Parallels
5 20:01
6 Influence of Time
5 10:22
7 Crashmind
5 9:57
8 Desert Circle
5 15:51
9 Babylon Dreams
5 9:38