Promo-only release. Interestingly, the tracklisting is out of order on the sleeve, and doesn't match the actual order of songs on the disc.

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CD-R 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Into Everything (Kiki remix) 7:35
2 Into Everything (MFA dub remix) 7:33
3 Into Everything (MFA full vocal remix) 7:33
4 Into Everything (Mis 1 remix) 6:26
5 Into Everything (Mis 2 remix) 6:04
6 Into Everything (P.Zdar dub remix full) 8:29
7 Into Everything (P.Zdar dub remix) 6:46


CD-R 1

Kiki (Techno/Electro artist Joakim Ijäs) (track 1)
MFA (tracks 2–3)
Thomas Di Matteo (Thomas Longeville) (track 5)
Plan B (remixer of "Into Everything (Plan B Missive mix)") (track 4)
P.O. (Pierre-Olivier Vergnot) (track 5)
P.Zdar (tracks 6–7)
remix of:
recording of:
Into Everything (tracks 1–7)


licensed to:EMI Music France (1994–2013)
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Release Group

remixes:Into Everything (remixes) by Télépopmusik
single/EP which was taken from:Angel Milk by Télépopmusik
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