Medium 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Billie Jean (Kut and Swel remix)
The Sound Bluntz 7:09
2 Try Harder
Hookmasters 6:46
3 Dr. Beat (Sexy Tribal club mix)
Miami Sound Machine 6:05
4 Good Body Girls (Americanos vs. Swedish club mix)
Latin House Mafia 5:19
5 Saxofonia (Riva Soul mix)
Bongo Starr 6:08
6 Crockett's Theme (Back Home to Chicago mix)
Miami Deejays 6:26
7 It's Well Ya (original club mix)
Clubfreak 5:45
8 Conos (Ibiza club mix)
Juan Consuelo 7:00
9 The Beatfunk (Bulgarian House Mafia mix)
Bucovina Whores 5:51
10 Beachball (extended Del Mar version)
Beachsurfer Reloaded 6:52
11 Rhythm of the Night (feat. Sunny M.) (Electro House club mix)
Kid Club 5:33
12 Promised Land (Tribute to Joe Smooth mix)
Comfort Class 7:59
13 Boogie on Down (Saxorgan mix)
Phil Tertones 4:46
14 Juggler Festival
Fixate 4:44
15 On Fire (Robbie Mancini clubmix)
Pete Rivera 5:41
16 Heut Nacht (Rockerz Chiefs club mix)
Nasszelle 7:07
17 Feeling Good (Fiesta Latina clubmix)
Superzizzle 5:17
18 We Love Ibiza (original Ibiza Horn clubmix)
Bootyshake 5:47
19 Hey Hey Hey (Sound club Ministry of House mix)
Milton Black 5:22
20 I Want Your Love Tonight (Vocoder mix)
Adam Spot 6:46


Medium 1

Enrique Garcia (Miami Sound Machine) (track 3)
Michael Jackson (“King of Pop”) (track 1)
Enrique Garcia (Miami Sound Machine) (track 3)
Michael Jackson (“King of Pop”) (track 1)
Mijac Music (track 1)
cover recording of:
Billie Jean (track 1)
is the basis for:
Doctor Pressure (track 3)
later translated versions:
later versions:
I’m Billie Jean (track 1)
recording of:
Dr. Beat (track 3)


ASIN: US: B00AB3DATE [info]