Jar of Flies: black vinyl
Sap: black vinyl, etched

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12" Vinyl 1: Jar of Flies
# Title Rating Length
A1 Rotten Apple
4.4 6:58
A2 Nutshell
4.3 4:20
A3 I Stay Away
4.4 4:14
A4 No Excuses
4.5 4:16
A5 Whale & Wasp
3.4 2:37
B1 Don’t Follow
4.3 4:23
B2 Swing on This
3.5 4:04
12" Vinyl 2: Sap
# Title Artist Rating Length
C1 Brother
Alice in Chains 4.5 4:27
C2 Got Me Wrong
Alice in Chains 5 4:11
C3 Right Turn
Alice Mudgarden 3.5 3:14
C4 Am I Inside
Alice in Chains 3.35 5:08
C5 Love Song
Alice in Chains 2.2 3:44


12" Vinyl 1: Jar of Flies

Jerry Cantrell (tracks A2–B1)
Mike Inez (tracks A1–A3, B2)
Sean Kinney (tracks A2, B2)
Layne Staley (track A2)
Jerry Cantrell (tracks A4, B1)
Layne Staley (tracks A1–A3, B2)
Toby Wright (producer & engineer) (tracks A1–B2)
Alice in Chains (tracks A2–A4)
recording engineer:
Toby Wright (producer & engineer) (tracks A3–A4)
phonographic copyright by:
Sony Music Entertainment Inc. (not for release label use! company owned by Sony Corporation of America from 1991–2004; operated worldwide except in JP) (1994) (tracks A1–B2)
Beautiful Excuses by G3RSt (track A4)
recording of:
Don't Follow (track B1)
I Stay Away (track A3)
No Excuses (track A4)
Nutshell (track A2)
Rotten Apple (track A1)
Swing on This (track B2)
Whale & Wasp (track A5)

12" Vinyl 2: Sap

Rick Parashar (track C4)
Alice in Chains (track C4)
Rick Parashar (track C4)
co-recording engineer:
Rick Parashar (track C4)
Jerry Cantrell (tracks C1–C5)
Layne Staley (track C5)
Mike Starr (Alice in Chains) (track C5)
Sean Kinney (track C5)
guest background vocals:
Ann Wilson (tracks C1, C4)
guest performer:
Mark Arm (track C3)
Chris Cornell (Soundgarden lead singer) (track C3)
Jerry Cantrell (tracks C1–C3)
Layne Staley (track C4)
Sean Kinney (track C5)
Rick Parashar (tracks C1–C3)
Alice Mudgarden (track C3)
Alice in Chains (tracks C1–C3)
Rick Parashar (tracks C1–C3)
recording engineer:
Rick Parashar (tracks C1–C3)
recording of:
Am I Inside (track C4)
Brother (track C1)
Got Me Wrong (track C2)
Love Song (track C5)
Right Turn (track C3)