Release is a battery-powered circuit with on-switch, volume knob, and button to skip tracks, designed to play through a mounted 1/8" headphone jack and housed in a CD jewel case.

Small variations are due to the hand crafting of this piece.

Packaged with liner notes, which contain a drawing of the device and assembly language source code for the microcontroller.

Limited edition of 5000 numbered copies.

"Movement 5" is programmed to loop until the device is turned off after reaching the coda(the length given on the tracklisting is "∞").

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Other 1
# Title Rating Length
1 1-Bit Symphony: Movement 1 5:18
2 1-Bit Symphony: Movement 2 9:33
3 1-Bit Symphony: Movement 3 8:47
4 1-Bit Symphony: Movement 4 8:43
5 1-Bit Symphony: Movement 5 ?:??


Other 1

Tristan Perich (2009) (tracks 1–5)
part of:
1-Bit Symphony (movement) (order: 1) (track 1)
1-Bit Symphony (movement) (order: 2) (track 2)
1-Bit Symphony (movement) (order: 3) (track 3)
1-Bit Symphony (movement) (order: 4) (track 4)
1-Bit Symphony (movement) (order: 5) (track 5)
recording of:

Release Group

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