The Williams Singers was organized by Rev. Charles D. Williams; a preacher, quartet singer, songwriter, and musician in Indianapolis. Rev. Williams a native of Louisiana and the cousin of the late great Rev. Leo Daniels moved to Indianapolis, Indiana via working on the railroad. While living in Indy he sang with many groups. However, most of the groups he'd join were not as serious about their relationship with God and the groups' ministry as he was. This would always lead to the groups busting up and or Rev. Williams resigning. One day God brought the scripture "Train up a child in the way he should go..." to his mind. Seeing that God had richly blessed him with a musically gifted family and his sons were eager to sing like their dad, he organized a singing group; then named the Christian Cavaliers by his sons. The name was later changed to The Williams Family Singers. At first Rev. Williams led a few songs and played the guitar and son Darnell played drums. Darnell later moved to the guitar, older brother Rick played bass and younger brothers Ryan and Dezrale played drums. All the brothers led songs, sang background and played. Though instrumentally gifted, brother Dezmien chose to concentrate solely on his vocals; as he was and still is known for his vocal range. The group traveled and sang everywhere. However as Rev. Williams ventured deeper into his pastorialship and his sons grew older they began to develop other interests; such as choirs, ensembles, contemporary groups etc. The group slowly drifted apart. Then years later seeing their father was getting up in age and had never gotten the chance to record; and also seeing that God had blessed them to start their own recording label (Deznell Music Group); Darnell, Dezmien, and Dezrale decided to record a live tribute album honoring their dad as well as show case some of the songs he'd written for them in earlier years. Even though their father had to be admitted to the hospital just before time to record. The magnitude of the success of the album and the long lost joy of singing quartet music together greatly impacted the brothers as well as the gospel community in Indy. THE WILLIAMS SINGERS IS A DEZNELL MUSIC GROUP ARTIST.

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Intro
2 Good Time
3 Feel Like Traveling Home
4 Welldone
5 I Don't Think About That
6 I Wonder
7 I'm Depending On You
8 Tell It
9 Soul Saver
10 Soul Saver Reprise
11 Wretch Like Me
12 Outro