CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Return to Me
Dean Martin 3:13
2 It’s Such a Happy Day
Jackie Gleason 3:09
3 What If I Loved You
Joey Gian 2:24
4 Good Mornin’ Life
Dean Martin 2:15
5 The Best Is Yet to Come
Jackie Gleason 3:19
6 I Second That Emotion
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles 4 2:50
7 Danny Boy
The Rudy Gabor Strolling Strings 2:15
8 Buona sera
Dean Martin 2:22
9 Tenderly
Jackie Gleason 2:36
10 Skyline Date
Nicholas Pike 2:50
11 I Met Someone
Nicholas Pike 3:42
12 To Italy for a Kiss
Nicholas Pike 4:19
13 Return to Me
Joey Gian 2:28


CD 1

Bobby Hackett (track 9)
Angelo Ricco (track 7)
Edward Ballog (track 7)
Rudy Gabor, Jr. (track 7)
William Zirko (track 7)
Marvin Tarplin (1967-09-21) (track 6)
assistant engineer:
Jim Champagne (track 3)
background vocals:
Warren “Pete” Moore (1967-09-21) (track 6)
Claudette Robinson (1967-09-21) (track 6)
Bobby Rogers (1967-09-21) (track 6)
Ronald White (1967-09-21) (track 6)
Jackie Gleason (track 2)
Nicholas Pike (tracks 10–12)
[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist) (track 7)
Peter de Rose (track 8)
Walter Gross (American composer) (1946) (track 9)
Cy Coleman (1959) (track 5)
Nicholas Pike (tracks 10–12)
The Funk Brothers (1967-09-21) (track 6)
lead vocals:
Smokey Robinson (1967-09-21) (track 6)
Carl Sigman (track 8)
Frederick Edward Weatherly (1910 – 1913) (track 7)
Jack Lawrence (US songwriter) (1946) (track 9)
Carolyn Leigh (1959) (track 5)
Allen Sides (tracks 3, 13)
Nicholas Pike (tracks 10–12)
Bonnie Hunt (tracks 1, 3, 13)
Joey Gian (track 3)
Nicholas Pike (tracks 1, 3, 13)
recording engineer:
Allen Sides (tracks 3, 13)
solo trumpet:
Warren Luening (tracks 1, 3)
Robert Allen (US songwriter/arranger/pianist) (track 4)
Al Cleveland (track 6)
Daniel DiMinno (American composer, lyricist, author) (tracks 1, 13)
Joey Gian (track 3)
Carmen Lombardo (tracks 1, 13)
Joseph Meyer (songwriter) (track 4)
Smokey Robinson (track 6)
phonographic copyright by:
Metro‐Goldwyn‐Mayer Music Inc. (licensing of music of which MGM owns the rights and focuses on releasing soundtrack releases) (2000) (tracks 10–12)
Boosey & Hawkes, Inc. (USA, publisher; do NOT use as release label) (track 7)
Chappell & Co. (track 9)
Jobete Music Ltd (track 6)
Southern Music Publishing Co., Inc. (later renamed as Peermusic) (tracks 1, 13)
U/A Music, Inc. (United Artists music publisher) (tracks 10–12)
recorded at:
Sony Pictures Studios (film and television studio complex, formerly Columbia Studios) in Culver City, California, United States (tracks 10–12)
Hitsville (Motown Records) in Detroit, Michigan, United States (1967-09-21) (track 6)
Danny Boy (for violin and orchestra, arr. Lenehan & Kennedy) (track 7)
Danny Boy (James Last arrangement) (track 7)
Danny Boy (arr. Joseph Flummerfelt) (track 7)
Danny Boy (arr. Gamley) (track 7)
is based on:
Londonderry Air (track 7)
is the basis for:
STP (track 6)
later translated versions:
Buona sera (german version) (track 8)
Buona sera (track 8)
Buona sera (track 8)
recording of:
Buona sera (track 8)
Danny Boy (track 7)
I Met Someone (track 11)
Return to Me (tracks 1, 13)
Skyline Date (track 10)
Tenderly (track 9)
To Italy for a Kiss (track 12)
I Second That Emotion (1967-09-21) (track 6)
referred to in medleys:
Septemberly (jazz instrumental medley of "Tenderly" and "September in the Rain") (track 9)


assistant producer: Greg Dennen
Peter Doell
concertmaster: Bruce Dukov
executive producer: Joel Sill
mastering: Marian Conaty
mixer: Dan Wallin
producer: Bonnie Hunt
recording engineer: Dan Wallin
copyrighted by: Metro‐Goldwyn‐Mayer Pictures, Inc. (film company, restrict use to film/album artwork copyrights only) (2000)
Metro‐Goldwyn‐Mayer Studios Inc. (film studio, restrict use to motion picture artwork and photo copyrights only) (2000)
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manufactured by: BMG Entertainment
phonographic copyright by: BMG Entertainment (2000)
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mastered at: BMG Studios in New York, New York, United States
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