CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 A.Y.A. (Theme of AYA Primary mix)
下村陽子 5:11
2 Arise Within You (remixedbyTomo)
櫻井智 7:13
3 Plosive Attack (Cultivate mix)
Quadra 8:35
4 Missing Perspective (Dan K's Late Night Session)
Dan K 6:43
5 Influence of Deep (DJ Hiraguri's Operattack)
Tribal Masters 8:13
6 Under the Progress (Something Wonderful remix)
中山ケイ 6:36
7 Primal Eyes (We Are All Parasites / Charlie Horse mix)
Dummy Run 4:42
8 Across the Memories (Db remix)
VAG40 4:57
9 Urban Noise (112-80mix)
Shigeo Tamaru 5:38
10 Somnia Memories (Platinum Edition)
Shãni Rigsbee 5:57


CD 1

acoustic guitar and electric guitar:
高橋圭一 (track 10)
electric bass guitar:
笹本安詞 (track 10)
Touru Matsui (track 6)
中道勝彦 (track 1)
additional keyboard:
Rie Mitsunaga (track 4)
高橋圭一 (track 10)
assistant engineer:
Stephanie Gylden (track 10)
choir vocals:
Chikako Watanabe (track 9)
下村陽子 (tracks 1–7, 9–10)
Ryoichi Kimata (track 5)
岩崎英則 (composer, synth programmer for Square Enix) (track 1)
lead vocals:
Shãni Rigsbee (track 10)
下村陽子 (track 10)
Shunsuke Hiraguri (track 5)
長島賢史 (Engineer, sometimes credited as Kenji Nagashima) (tracks 1, 8–10)
Ryoichi Kimata (track 5)
Hiroshi Watanabe (track 3)
Ryoichi Kimata (track 5)
recorded by:
長島賢史 (Engineer, sometimes credited as Kenji Nagashima) (tracks 1, 8–10)
Dummy Run (track 7)
Dan K (track 4)
中山ケイ (track 6)
Quadra (Japanese artist Hiroshi Watanabe) (track 3)
櫻井智 (track 2)
Shigeo Tamaru (track 9)
下村陽子 (track 1)
Tribal Masters (track 5)
VAG40 (track 8)
Raul Ferrando (track 10)
vocals arranger:
Richie Vanilla (track 10)
mixed at:
Club Mission (track 5)
Kimata Studio (track 5)
Camouflage Studio in Tokyo, Japan (1998) (track 6)
recorded at:
BT Studio (track 5)
Robin Studio in Tokyo, Japan (track 3)
Westlake Recording Studios (founded as Westlake Audio in the early 1970s) in West Hollywood, California, United States (track 10)
Xtra Sudio (track 2)
remix of:
Primal Eyes by 下村陽子 (track 7)
Theme of Aya by 下村陽子 (track 1)
Urban Noise by 下村陽子 (track 9)
cover recording of:
Arise Within You (Parasite Eve) (track 2)
Influence of Deep (Parasite Eve) (track 5)
Missing Perspective (Parasite Eve) (track 4)
Plosive Attack (Parasite Eve) (track 3)
Primal Eyes (Parasite Eve) (track 7)
Somnia Memorias (Parasite Eve) (track 10)
Under the Progress (Parasite Eve) (track 6)
Urban Noise (Parasite Eve) (track 9)
has revision:
Influence of Deep (CM version) (Parasite Eve) (track 5)
Theme of Aya (reprise) (Parasite Eve) (track 1)
is the basis for:
Forbidden Power (Theme for Aya) (Parasite Eve II) (track 7)
part of:
Parasite Eve (video game soundtrack) (tracks 1–7, 9–10)
recording of:
Theme of Aya (Parasite Eve) (track 1)

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