Medium 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Violin Concerto in E minor: I. Allegro molto appassionato
Felix Mendelssohn 13:29
2 Violin Concerto in E minor: II. Andante
Felix Mendelssohn 8:07
3 Violin Concerto in E minor: III. Allegro molto vivace
Felix Mendelssohn 7:11
4 Symphony No. 3 in A minor: I. Andante con moto - Allegro un poco agitato
Felix Mendelssohn 14:12
5 Symphony No. 3 in A minor: II. Vivace non troppo
Felix Mendelssohn 4:26
6 Symphony No. 3 in A minor: III. Adagio cantabile
Felix Mendelssohn 9:40
7 Symphony No. 3 in A minor: IV. Allegro vivacissimo. Allegro maestoso assai
Felix Mendelssohn 9:56


Medium 1

Helena Spitkova (Alfred Scholz pseudonym (?)) (tracks 1–3)
Jela Špitková (tracks 1–3)
Felix Mendelssohn (1838 – 1844) (tracks 1–3)
Felix Mendelssohn (1841 – 1842) (tracks 4–7)
Alberto Lizzio (conductor, an Alfred Scholz pseudonym) (tracks 1–3)
Milan Pohronec (tracks 1–2)
Alfred Scholz (tracks 4–7)
Münchner Symphoniker (an Alfred Scholz pseudonym, not the former Symphonie-Orchester Graunke) (tracks 4–7)
New Philharmonic Orchestra (real, but its name also used for Alfred Scholz recordings) (tracks 1–2)
Philharmonia Slavonica (an Alfred Scholz pseudonym) (tracks 1–3)
Finale from the Violin Concerto (for horn and band, Hopkinson) (track 3)
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