12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Guns in the Sky
2.65 2:21
A2 New Sensation
3.85 3:40
A3 Devil Inside
3.85 5:16
A4 Need You Tonight
4.3 3:06
A5 Mediate
2.65 2:32
A6 The Loved One
2.35 3:37
B1 Wild Life
1.65 3:10
B2 Never Tear Us Apart
4 3:06
B3 Mystify
3 3:18
B4 Kick
2 3:14
B5 Calling All Nations
2 3:04
B6 Tiny Daggers
2 3:30


12" Vinyl 1

Andrew Farriss (tracks A5, B2)
Michael Hutchence (tracks A1, B2)
David Nicholas (tracks A1–B6)
Andrew Farriss (tracks A5, B2)
Michael Hutchence (tracks A1, B2)
Bob Clearmountain (tracks A1–B6)
Chris Thomas (UK record producer / remixer) (tracks A1–B6)
Ian H. Clyne (track A6)
Andrew Farriss (tracks A2–A4, B1, B3–B6)
Gerry Humphreys (track A6)
Michael Hutchence (tracks A2–A4, B1, B3–B6)
Robert John Lovett (track A6)
phonographic copyright by:
Universal International Music B.V. (company, do not use as label) (1987) (track A2)
Stuffed Monkey (track B2)
Tol Muziek (track A2)
Warner/Chappell (tracks A2, A5, B2–B4)
Need Peace Tonight by G3RSt (track A4)
Tiger by Neil Cicierega (track A4)
sampled by:
Mystify by Mellow Trax feat. INXS (track B3)
cover recording of:
The Loved One (track A6)
is the basis for:
One Of My Kind (track A4)
Precious Heart (track B2)
recording of:
Calling All Nations (track B5)
Devil Inside (track A3)
Guns in the Sky (track A1)
Kick (track B4)
Mediate (track A5)
Mystify (track B3)
Need You Tonight (track A4)
Never Tear Us Apart (track B2)
New Sensation (track A2)
Tiny Daggers (track B6)
Wild Life (track B1)